TGR-S5E7: Jobs to Be Done


For this week’s episode, we wrap up Season 5 of The Great Reset by attempting to address questions from last week using an updated Challenge Question, plus a more explicit leadership structure.


What must we do better for the Body of Christ to more effectively make disciples of our cities, and all nations?

And, how can we know we are on the right track?

Perspectives: Google Doc of Core Concerns


  • Cast: Everyone willing to participate
  • Crew:
    Producer: Ted Hahs (welcomes viewers and the Holy Spirit)
    Writer: Ernie Prabhakar (prepares topic and supporting materials)
    Director: David Johnson (directs the conversation, keeping everyone on topic and encourage all to speak up)


  1. Elevate the challenge of helping the Body of Christ make disciples of whole populations
  2. Understanding each Cast member’s Perspective on how to do that
  3. Provide fodder for the Crew to plan Season 6
  4. Finish within the allotted time

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One thought on “TGR-S5E7: Jobs to Be Done

  1. 13:00:54 From Ernie Prabhakar : Producer welcomes viewers and the Holy Spirit
    Writer walks through (and clarifies, as needed) the Question, Objectives, and Agenda
    Director directs the conversation, keeping everyone on topic and encourage all to speak up

    TGR-S5E7 Jobs to Be Done
    13:01:18 From Ernie Prabhakar : For this week’s episode we wrap up Season 5 of The Great Reset by attempting to address questions from last week using an updated Challenge Question, plus a more explicit leadership structure.
    13:01:22 From Ernie Prabhakar : What must we do better for the Body of Christ to more effectively make disciples of our cities, and all nations? And how can we know we are on the right track?
    13:02:28 From Ernie Prabhakar : We can hear each to her
    13:05:50 From Ernie Prabhakar : *make disciples of all nations
    13:11:32 From Ernie Prabhakar : Yeah! We have succeed in creating a microcosm of the problems we need to solve in the church, so we can experience and demonstrate God’s healing power
    13:12:03 From Steven McGriff : Good point!
    13:12:09 From Ted Hahs : Ladies first 🙂
    13:13:29 From Ernie Prabhakar : JD: Fruits -> Gifts
    13:13:48 From Steven McGriff : The link to the shared document:
    13:15:03 From David Johnson : We should work to better function as the body christ, striving towards functioning together better. We must comfort the members that are hurting and struggling. We should value the consensus of the group over our own individual will/desires. We should be seeking both truth/God’s will as well as peace/unity within the group. Transformation should start locally, first within ourselves, and then our group/families, and then our churches/communities, and then our cities/nation/world lest we arrogantly ignore the log in our own eye. We should work and sacrifice for others, doing as we are called individually and collectively.
    13:15:16 From David Johnson : Symptom: Dysfunction in the group (i.e. division, lack of confidence and clarity, feeling not valued or abandoned, not acting like Jesus, the world and even believers are not attracted to following Jesus with us).
    Diagnosis: There is no consensus – we don’t know each other and don’t share.
    Prescription: Embrace suffering and do the hard work of humbling ourselves, sharing our lives, and welcoming ideas for improving unity.
    Prognosis: No hostility, indifference, alienation, lack of sympathy, or broken relationships within the group.

    I wonder: How can we manage to love like Jesus, reflect God’s glory, and serve others if we can’t manage to know and cooperate with each other?
    13:15:52 From Ernie Prabhakar : EM: God is pleased. Keep going. You are working out your salvation in spirit and in truth.
    13:15:59 From Ernie Prabhakar : I receive that!
    13:17:34 From Ernie Prabhakar : TH: The body of Christ is a dysfunctional family (and so are we)
    13:17:44 From Ernie Prabhakar : How do we get back together under the Father…
    13:19:18 From Ernie Prabhakar : SM: Every morning, annoyance with three sons, God tells me how he loves me
    13:20:02 From Ernie Prabhakar :
    13:20:19 From Ernie Prabhakar : SM: Quiver of arrows -> target of God’s purpose for them
    13:20:42 From Ernie Prabhakar : SM: Held to release into the world
    13:22:29 From Ernie Prabhakar : SM: Shape each of them to be uniquely their own and Gods, and not clones of their parents
    13:24:00 From David Johnson : *feels guilty about jumping on people’s beds*
    13:24:29 From Ernie Prabhakar : My son prefers (direct) punishment to hearing my stories
    13:26:05 From Ted Hahs : hitchhikers guide to the galaxy
    13:26:33 From Ernie Prabhakar :
    13:26:41 From Ernie Prabhakar : DH: “We are still here”
    13:27:22 From Ernie Prabhakar : DH: This group inspires and encourages me
    13:28:57 From Ernie Prabhakar : Very encouraging. You are a great witness, David!
    13:29:02 From Steven McGriff : @DH is on target … love your heart, man.
    13:29:10 From David Huffman : Thank you 🙂
    13:32:29 From Bill Breck : I have to leave early this week – will watch the vid later. I loved the Google Doc, thanks all !
    13:32:40 From Steven McGriff : @Robby, I hear you. I empathize with you. I see your goals to be faithful to Christ.
    13:32:46 From Ernie Prabhakar : RB: What I can do versus the Relationship with Jesus
    13:32:55 From Steven McGriff : @Bill, we look forward to next time.
    13:32:58 From Ted Hahs : so glad you could be with us Bill.
    13:33:02 From Ted Hahs : you rock
    13:33:07 From Ernie Prabhakar : Bill, I’ll steal your answer to share 🙂
    13:33:13 From Steven McGriff : Robby has been on 40 year journey! Like me!
    13:33:24 From David Johnson : lol, Bill joined long enough to eat
    13:33:49 From Ted Hahs : Yeah, good to see he has his priorities right 🙂
    13:34:57 From Ernie Prabhakar : RB: hearing and following Jesus in inviting others to do the same and fish and multiply ekklesia
    13:35:01 From Steven McGriff : @Robby, really like the perspective of being a fisher of men
    13:36:51 From Ernie Prabhakar : Shall we ask Emiliana?
    13:38:23 From Ernie Prabhakar : DJ, at some point I’d like to share my answer (or Bills)
    13:38:31 From David Johnson : of course
    13:39:31 From David Johnson : unless the earthquake happens… >_>
    13:41:40 From janet : Good observation Ernie
    13:41:48 From Ted Hahs : or alpha female
    13:42:07 From Steven McGriff : To be like Jesus…we submit to the Father in all that we do …. Thanks Ernie, that’s a good reminder
    13:42:15 From Ted Hahs : I have some thoughts and a proposal, I feel like I had clarity this morning for a potential path forward.
    13:42:33 From Steven McGriff : Ted … tell us more
    13:42:35 From David Johnson : good, you’re on deck
    13:43:16 From Steven McGriff : Regarding Ernie … How do we do this? We individually submit to our Heavenly Father and follow the lead of Jesus in community with others …
    13:43:29 From David Johnson : We are voltron jesus
    13:43:54 From Steven McGriff : Ernie…how we relate to one another is how the world could know we are Christians…by the love we show one another and for the Lord
    13:44:39 From Steven McGriff : @DJ, I know that analogy
    13:46:07 From Ernie Prabhakar : Ted, *because* of the huge obstacles, they will overcome 🙂
    13:46:46 From janet : HS is in this, you bet!
    13:47:40 From David Johnson : What a weird cycle: First a day of gratitude. Then a day of greed. A weekend. A day of digital greed. And then a day of giving.
    13:47:47 From Steven McGriff : Our church calls the process of wrestling Christmas back from commercialization is called “Advent Conspiracy”
    13:47:48 From Ernie Prabhakar : Ted’s teaser on The Format we need (without him next Tuesday)
    13:49:11 From Ernie Prabhakar : New Canaan Society:
    13:49:17 From Steven McGriff : New Canaan Society, a gathering of market place guys in the morning, 2x month
    13:50:26 From Ernie Prabhakar : Intro + IceBreaker + one guy share their story (DO NOT preach). + after-meeting followup
    13:51:43 From Steven McGriff : Let’s have a session where we throw tele-evangelists under the bus. Eh?
    13:51:51 From Ernie Prabhakar : Ted, my only problem with televangelists is they present their ‘persona’ rather than their authentic self
    13:52:23 From Steven McGriff : Ted is suggesting … I think … we use the Spiritual Gifts that God has given us to serve the people God has placed around us
    13:53:07 From Emiliana Martin : Wow Ted! If you want to tell that story, I wanna help.
    13:53:39 From Ted Hahs : Yeah – Emiliana – that’s what i’m talking about
    13:53:47 From Steven McGriff : Janet speaks about “justice advocacy” as a characteristic of God
    13:54:10 From Emiliana Martin :
    13:54:31 From Emiliana Martin : that’s where you can find me, Ted.
    13:55:19 From Emiliana Martin :
    13:55:35 From Steven McGriff : To mash up AA with Rotary, look at CityTeam Ministries
    13:55:53 From Ernie Prabhakar : A A for Recovering Pharisees
    13:56:15 From Ernie Prabhakar to Steven McGriff (Direct Message) : I have experience with the ugly side of CityTeam, so I struggle with that metaphor
    13:56:34 From Steven McGriff : The CityTeam Ministry for drug and alcohol rehabilitation is in-residence and involves service to others … as the process unfolds for the person
    13:57:25 From Steven McGriff : CityTeam is a human led organization. Imperfect, but not easily dismissed as their programs are extraordinarily effective.
    13:57:29 From David Huffman : The 2nd “A” stands for anonymous but I think our goal is to not be anonymous. I suggest: Pharisees Identified
    13:58:44 From Robby Butler : It sounded like Ted’s technology will also be in use next week.
    13:58:52 From Robby Butler : I can offer a Zoom link.
    13:59:38 From Steven McGriff to Ernie Prabhakar (Direct Message) : Every organization has an ugly side. Right? The whole education system sucks big time. Yet, I remain as a consultant to it and my wife as a teacher in it because we see the ministry that it is.
    14:00:07 From Ernie Prabhakar : Option A: Watch party for Ted’s SC
    14:00:23 From Ted Hahs : A christmas party
    14:00:29 From Ernie Prabhakar : Option B: Rotary plus AA
    14:00:32 From Ted Hahs : bummer now I want to go to that.
    14:00:41 From Ted Hahs : Great idea. DJ
    14:01:31 From Steven McGriff : @DJ … you have the heart of discipleship outcomes in mind and have shared them repeatedly today. Thanks.
    14:01:34 From Ernie Prabhakar : Option C: Social Get-together

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