TGR-S3E7: Great Works in Fish Bowls


This coming Tuesday, August 18th (1pm PDT), the Biastes (and our new Biasta Janet) reflect on Season 3 as we discuss a concrete proposal for how to practice co-discipleship in Season 4.

Question: What in God’s name are we trying to do here?


  1. Bring a greater experience of Heaven to all Creation, as we
  2. Publicly prototype, model & describe co-constructing networked communities of practice, where we
  3. Together find, refine & fulfill each member’s God-given calling, to
  4. Keep growing us all closer to Jesus; in love, likeness & living.

Concrete Proposal

Each episode of season 4 (which may go long) is a “Fish Bowl” (tame version of Shark Tank). Each of us takes turns (with help from a Coach) publicly mock-pitching the Great Work we feel God is calling us to do. All of us (and anyone else they invite) can then offer “noodling,” prayer, and assistance to help clarify and accelerate their mission.


  • Clarify why Ernie and Ted founded this group (by reviewing their Great Works)
  • Learn more about each other’s calling, gifting, and passions
  • Provide a well-defined goal for Season 4 to make progress against
  • Model a new way for other groups to reconcile personal passion with shared mission
  • Free advertising for your (and my) pet projects!
  • Demo a radical alternative to the backward-looking “Great Books” model of education
  • Refine and catalog best practices for coaching, slides and structured feedback

Proposed Speaker (Coach) Schedule

  1. 8/25 Ernie (Bill) -> Steven moderating as Critical Friends
  2. 9/1 Ted (Ernie)
  3. 9/8 Steve (tbd)
  4. 9/15 Bill (tbd)
  5. 9/22 Eric (Ernie)
  6. 9/29 David H. (Ernie)
  7. 10/6 David J. (Bill)
  8. 10/13 David E. (tbd)
  9. 10/20 Janet (tbd)
  10. 10/27 Justin (Ted)
  11. 11/3 Retrospective


Previous Episodes

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  2. TGR-S3E2: Biastes Co-Discipling Network (Pitch V1)
  3. TGR-S3E3: Networked Transformation Circles
  4. TGR-S3E4: Systemic Redemption
    1. TGR-S3E4-OLD The Internet of Teams
  5. TGR-S3E5: Practicing Relational Unity
  6. TGR-S3E6: Re-Cognition of Discipleship
  7. TGR-S2E7: Enrollment
  8. TGR-0.7: Retrospective Zero

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