Discipled by Scripture

Draft 6 • 9 November 2020

As followers of Jesus, we invite you to learn along with us

as we practice encountering Jesus in His Word & Spirit, Body & Blood,

so we are transformed to love more like Him.

A. Accountability (Grace)

  • Welcome each other and the Holy Spirit.
  • Shared Selah: Last time’s Decisions
  • Question: What has been most exciting/challenging about following through with Loving More Like Jesus? How and where did you see Jesus in that?

B. Bible (Storying)

  1. Reader: Reads the narrative aloud, then hides it
  2. Reteller: Paraphrases as much of the story as they remember
  3. Reinforcements: Fill in other aspects, as they remember
  4. Re-reader: Opens and re-reads the passage, leaving it open
  5. Reviewers (all): Highlight anything we didn’t recall

C. Contemplation (Listening)

D. Decision (Growth)

  • Shared Selah: Contemplations from today’s narrative
  • Question: Who might God want you to bless with what you learned? How do you plan to do that?

E. Encouragement (Prayer)

  • Worship God for what He has done
  • Praise Him for what He is going to do this week
  • Rejoice at how Christ is revealing His grace and power to us and the world

F. Follow-on (Iteration)

  • Choose who will Start the next session
  • Shared Selah: Today’s contemplations and decisions
  • Question: What do you “like” about how this session went, and “wonder” if we could do better?

Discovery Bible Study

“Discipled by Scripture” is an adaptation by The Great Reset of Discovery Bible Study for online discussions in Western societies. This document is freely reusable under CC BY 4.0.