TGR-0.7: Retrospective Zero


Topic for The Great Reset with the Biastes, this coming Friday, May 15th.

This week we take a break from our usual topics to reflect on the past six episodes, and where we want to go next.

Cycle Zero

  1. TGR-01: The Cup of Suffering
  2. TGR-02: 3-D Fathering
  3. TGR-03: Wholly Broken
  4. TGR-04: Loving The Other
  5. TGR-05: Deep, Deep Joy
  6. TGR-06: Good Grief with the Biastes

Starter Questions

  1. Thank you for coming. Why do you show up?
  2. What most impacted you from this past cycle?
  3. What would you like to explore next cycle?
  4. Where do you hope this is going?
  5. Any other thoughts you would like to share?

Discussion Notes

  1. Ted
    1. Praying for ‘this’ without the words Great Reset (Transformation, Revival, whatever works for you)
    2. The Body of Christ is not like what we see in Scripture
    3. Perfect storm of his own Great Reset (health, career, etc.)
    4. Still surprised at answer to his 2/20/2020 Mountaintop Prayer
    5. Malachi 4:6; saw Argentina’s Reset in 1990s; everyday miracles
    6. Came to prison and met Jesus (also cured of AIDS)
    7. Childlike faith. All they knew. Their experience vs my knowledge. They are closer to what I see in Scripture.
    8. Carry the dream for 30 years (or vice versa)
    9. Then this happened. God is in this.
    10. Rethinking the End Times: Great Restoration
    11. John 14:12 – greater things
    12. “What happened to you, pray it happens to them”
    13. Recividism reduced (cf.
  2. Steve
    2. “Is this the apocalypse? YES!!!”
    3. ” a biblical apocalypse shows us a true picture of the world so we can live with a new perspective.”
    4. I wasn’t talking to a wall. You responded. I found my tribe! They understand me. I am not alone. They get me.
    5. “You are imperfect just the way you want me to be.”
    6. Affirmation. Enlightment. Uplifting. Inner Transformation
  3. Reframing
    1. Being with the end in mind
    2. God is a great chess player
    3. Singularity that changed everything
  4. Chuck Starnes (marriage counseling) -> Body of Christ
    1. Romantic (intoxication)
    2. Power struggle (annoyance)
      1. cf
      2. Peter’s Meekness
    3. Mature love (growing through)
    4. World impact (others)
  5. Jesus Fulfilling Jewish Festivals
    1. Passover -> Easter
    2. Pentecost -> Holy Spirit
    3. Feast of Booths “God with us” -> TBD
  6. God is the Key Player
    1. The disease was bad
    2. Economic challenges are exponential
    3. Poor, vulnerable, undocumented
    4. Restore the Fathers
    5. Business supported by the Community (like the Jews)
    6. Ernie’s Reality show to help Entrepreneurs – Scale to meet the Need

2 thoughts on “TGR-0.7: Retrospective Zero

  1. My notes from today … raw

    TGR 07 Retrospective Zero

    * Thank you for coming. Why do you show up?
    >First time in session 3 was more an accident of misunderstanding!

    I found men who can move transparently between heart, soul, and intellectual mind and let it flow with humility, low ego … in genuine response to the H.S. inspiration at that moment…reflective,

    I found a tribe that gets me instantly, accepted me whole heartedly as a brother, didn’t shy away from me after I spoke, rather encouraged and inspired me … whaaaat?

    Before meeting Ernie, Bill, then Ted and the men in this group … I knew 3-4 other men who could see through this life to the eternal world God has designed for us to experience on this earth…

    Why is Ted here?
    Ted is eyewitness to miracles of Jesus on Argentina prison ministry
    He met Ernie in early 2020 to start thinking about the potential for the great reset
    Look at the scriptures for evidence of continual restoration and the “apocalypse “ as described by the Bible Project

    The feast of booths is the only one of three Jewish High Festivals that God has not fulfilled with Jesus …

    * What most impacted you from this past cycle?
    > high level of heart and mind in love with the love for the Lord who loves the people made in His image…we are surrounded by them

    * What would you like to explore next cycle?
    > I don’t have a clear picture of that, yet

    * Where do you hope this is going?
    > to continue finding men who can’t find brothers like this in their own churches and need an outlet for their unique expression of the Holy Spirit and Spiritual Gifts …

    > Imitate a version of PBC Palo Alto in the 80s when they offered Discovery Seminars (classes) as part of their own pastoral internship program. They allowed the people in the community to learn from the pastors and interns leading the classes.

    > We could be a webinar series to invite other men to participate … run in cycles of topics. The men may be like me, feeling alone in their thinking in their churches, but finding community among us.

    > We must have a practical outreach that will change the lives of others, not just ourselves. We must not be transformed for the mere satisfaction of ourself, rather for the service of the Lord to apply our transformed lives in our communities.

    * Any other thoughts you would like to share?
    > How to move from this personally enriching and transforming experience
    to the practical work of the ministry of other’s souls, reaching our community and making a difference for the Lord.

    Bible Project recent Apocalypse podcast episode:

    From bill to Everyone: (10:35 AM)

  2. In response to Ted’s prophecy of Ernie … the entrepreneur for Christ … I see myself as the Educator for Christ ministering to the K-20 education community (public and Christian) who have the responsibility of care for and raising up children and young adults to make a positive impact on society.

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