TGR-02: 3-D Fathering


From an interactive Zoom call at 10 AM Pacific on Friday, April 10th, 2020 AD for Episode 2 of The Great Reset: Becoming the Church Decentralized.

Question: How does God loves us? Why is that Good News?

The Good News that God Loves Us Like Jesus


Six-Syllable Gospel: God Loves Us Like Jesus

Our Father Loves Us
The Way That…
VerseHis RoleOur RoleMetricRisk
Jesus Loves UsJohn 3:16DelivererConsumerInputsVictimhood
He Loves Jesus2 Cor 5:21DirectorProducerOutputsBurnout
Makes Us Like Jesus1 John 2:6DisciplerBecomerOutcomesSelf-Help


  1. How does this perspective challenge or expand your experience of God’s love?
  2. Where does your experience of earthly fathers make it easier (or harder) to appreciate certain aspects of God’s love?
  3. How can we honor them, by building on the foundation they gave us, and even going beyond it?
  4. How might this perspective be misunderstood, misapplied, or otherwise harmful? What could help prevent that?
  5. What could we gain if we are willing to lose everything we previously used to define ourselves, as Christ did?

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