TGR-S5E4: Abidience


As followers of Jesus, we invite you to be transformed with us on The Great Reset (Tuesdays at 1pm) as we are led by His Word to love more like Jesus.

“David, can you explain that last back-channel comment?”

Question: Should we be focused on obeying Jesus or abiding in Him?

Perspective: That’s the wrong question. We need to learn the obedience that springs from abiding in Him, as well as the abiding that bears fruit in obedience.

While discussing Discipled by Scripture, I realized I had learned two completely different modes of relating to Jesus:

The two faces of Jesus

This is so deeply ingrained in me I have a hard time even thinking any of those words without falling into that dichotomy. I was forced to coin a new term “Abid-ience” to help me reframe my mental models.

Anyone have a better suggestion?


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