The Post-COVID Church


Right now, most churches devote at least six-sevenths of their budget, staff, and attention to what happens on Sundays, and at most one-seventh to helping the congregation follow Jesus the other six days.

Can you imagine what we might accomplish if we flipped that on its head, and invested 85% of our treasure into the rest of the week?

I know it sounds heretical to not have a worship team or children’s ministry or a large Sunday gathering place. But the persecuted church has always survived (in fact thrived) under just those conditions — because they had nothing to focus on except Jesus, Scripture, and the Holy Spirit.

What if our top priority was finding better ways to disciple members into loving God with ALL their heart, soul, mind and strength?

Who will become the first church to fully embrace digital to dramatically lower our costs while massively expanding our impact?

What if COVID is God’s invitation to let go of our old wineskins so we can become the Bride He always wanted?

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