TGR-S5E2: Discipled By Scripture


This week on The Great Reset, we invite you to learn along with us as we try out a new practice of being cooperatively taught by God.

John 21:15-17 (study starts ~15 minutes in)

Question: How do we shift from intellectually studying God’s word to humbly obeying it?

Perspective: By submitting ourselves to be Discipled By Scripture together to Love More Like Jesus (“LMLJ”)


Adapted from Discovery Bible Study, especially as practiced at

A. Accountability

After welcoming each other and the Holy Spirit, ask: What this last week has been most exciting/challenging for you in Loving More Like Jesus? (particularly in light of last week’s Decision, if any)

B. Bible

  1. Reader: Reads the narrative aloud, then hides it
  2. Reteller: Paraphrases as much of the story as they remember
  3. Reinforcements: Fill in other aspects, as they remember
  4. Re-reader: Opens and re-reads the passage, leaving it open

C. Contemplation

Pause for a minute or two of silent reflection, then ask your neighbor: What is the Holy Spirit saying to you through this passage about loving God/One another/Neighbor/Self/Enemies (“GONSE”) more like Jesus?

If you don’t see how they got that, just ask them: Where in this passage did you see that?

D. Decision

How do you plan to positively impact someone’s life this week with what you just learned?

E. Encouragement

Worship God for what He has done, and praise Him for what He will do this week through each of us

F. Follow-on

  1. Share I like/I wonder feedback (“ILIWF”) on how this session went
  2. Choose a facilitator for the next session
  3. Write down everyone’s Decision to review next week


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