TGR-S6E7: Jubilee


This Friday, 15 Jan 2021 (1PM Pacific) marks the Finale of The Great Reset, a quest for a more resilient Christianity that began six seasons (42 weeks) ago in the shadow of COVID-19. The Biastes and Biastas reflect on what God has done in, through, and among them, while Ernie holds out hope for Something Different in a potential Jubilee Season.

What if some of us aren’t ready to stop?

Truly, truly, I say to you, unless a grain of wheat falls into the earth and dies, it remains alone; but if it dies, it bears much fruit

John 12:24

Question: Why is it good that all earthly things die?

Perspective: Because every created thing is founded on a contradiction, which God must transcend in order for us to inherit the Kingdom of God


  1. Welcome (Ted)
  2. Something Different (Ernie)
    • Hiatus (3 weeks, async Design Doc)
    • Design Summit (Sat, Feb 6th)
    • Kickoff (week of Ash Wednesday, Feb 17)
    • Finale (Holy Week, Mar 28 – Apr 4)
  3. Learnings (moderated by David J.)
    • Everyone gets a turn, may defer or pass
  4. Communion (led by Steve)
    • Everyone bring your own “bread and cup”

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Season 6

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One thought on “TGR-S6E7: Jubilee

  1. 13:04:38 From Steven McGriff: Hello everyone…welcome
    13:07:05 From Steven McGriff: God allowed a major disruption for 2020, didn’t he?!
    13:07:25 From David Huffman: True that
    13:07:40 From Emiliana: I sensed the Lord tell me that 2020 would be the year of seeing clearly. It was.
    13:08:37 From Steven McGriff: 2020 ended a decade…this year is the first year of the following decade … we did get a reset at year 0. Now what do we do going forward…?
    13:09:08 From Emiliana: Yeah, we celebrated new millennium in the wrong year.
    13:09:28 From Steven McGriff: We did. Yes. Couldn’t convince my friends and family … LOL
    13:09:31 From David Johnson: As a programmer, I start counting from zero…
    13:09:45 From Emiliana: Exactly.
    13:10:00 From Ernie Prabhakar: “That none should perish… reconcile all things to himself.”
    13:10:25 From Steven McGriff: Programmers now run the world, the digital manisfestations of it must pass through a programmer’s hands, right?
    13:10:30 From David Huffman: Amen DJ. I was thinking the same thing 🙂
    13:10:49 From Emiliana: 👍🏽
    13:10:51 From Steven McGriff: Transformational and reset is a powerful calling. Thanks Ted!
    13:20:01 From Ted Hahs: FYI, we want to make sure everyone gets to share so DJ is in charge of the time and moving us forward. I will make him the host and he will be able to mute and unmute speakers. That way he can cut off the big mouths like myself and make sure everyone gets to speak. 🙂
    13:24:33 From Ernie Prabhakar: True. You are all welcome to keep meeting, and tell me what you want me to do.
    13:26:57 From Ted Hahs: can someone share the link to the google doc here?
    13:27:33 From Ernie Prabhakar:
    13:29:15 From Steven McGriff: Congratulations DH on your new job and starting a new chapter in your professional life!
    13:29:28 From Ernie Prabhakar: Huge answer to prayer from last January!
    13:29:48 From Steven McGriff: That change is a gift to you and us from our time together.
    13:31:44 From Bill Breck: I don’t know what the Q means?
    13:31:48 From Bill Breck: Or implies?
    13:34:05 From Ted Hahs: I vote that those who do not want to take break continue
    13:34:15 From David Johnson: seconded
    13:34:16 From 09 Eric C: That’s a profound statement Bill!
    13:34:55 From 09 Eric C: “When I’m with brothers and sisters in Christ, it’s like family, and I would never take a break for 3 months from my family”
    13:35:19 From Ted Hahs: 3 months?
    13:35:33 From Ernie Prabhakar: You did hear “3 weeks” right Bill?
    13:35:53 From Steven McGriff: He’s referencing his own illustration of summer vacation period, I believe.
    13:35:58 From David Johnson: it is the model of taking a break that he was referring to. specifically, churches take 3 months off for the summer
    13:36:23 From Ted Hahs: Yes, that is correct. he was referencing 3 month summer breaks.
    13:40:28 From Ernie Prabhakar: I still having Learnings I wanted to share…
    13:40:56 From Bill Breck: Yes, small groupthink, for some bizarre reason, that people have no need for fellowship and support during Summer.
    13:43:01 From Ted Hahs: Yeah , am disappointed when that happens for groups I am engaged, in, but I also see the other side from the angle of those who are doing the hard work of organizing it and need to rest…
    13:43:05 From Bill Breck: I hesitate to use “Jesus did that”, or “Paul and Barnabus did that”, without DEEP understanding of the context. Jesus was frequently exhausted, yet kept going? The issue is always heart, love, …
    13:44:05 From Bill Breck: Need to feel comfortable the “Async Doc Editing” will actually work. We tried it with Steve once before …
    13:44:08 From Ted Hahs: Yes, Bill, you can make an argument that Jesus worked his tail off for 3 years. I think he took far fewer breaks than most other leaders I know.
    13:45:06 From Bill Breck: Jesus and the disciples didn’t use Google Doc
    13:48:21 From Bill Breck: Scripture ????
    13:48:39 From Bill Breck: Support for “seasons”?
    13:49:50 From David Johnson: I will reiterate that my only request is that we collectively decide what we do next. I don’t mind whatever happens after that.
    13:50:22 From Bill Breck: Was the scope of what we were looking at Too Large?

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