TGR-S6E1: Season’s Greetings


This week we begin Season 6 of The Great Reset, as well as a very unusual Advent Season capping off the unprecedented events of 2020!

Question: Where do we go next?

Making space for the elephant in the room

Season 6 Schedule (DRAFT)

  1. Dec 1: Office Party (Getting to know each other)
  2. Dec 8: Ted Hahs Critical Community Pitch (“AA+Rotary = AArtery?)
  3. Dec 15: AArtery Prototype (if approved)
  4. Dec 22: VACATION (our first week off since we started in April)
  5. Dec 29: Resume?

Like everything else on The Great Reset (or during 2020), this is simply our best current guess. God alone knows what will actually happen; and we are excited to find out!


One thought on “TGR-S6E1: Season’s Greetings


    13:08:23 From Ernie Prabhakar : It really says something if RB and EC are now considered the “less radical” members
    13:15:11 From Ernie Prabhakar : Thank you Janet!
    13:18:37 From Robby Butler : Two questions to Janet:
- What do you need or want from those present here in this group today?
- How can we (those of us currently present) help you in loving more like Jesus through this?
    13:24:42 From Ernie Prabhakar : Trying to be “too perfect” — analytic versus authentic
    13:30:47 From Robby Butler : Janet, am I hearing correctly:
- You felt unjustly accused of damaging someone else’s car.
- You felt wrongly threatened in that context.
- You felt abandoned and unsupported by others who were present and left that interaction.
- You felt that you didn’t handle that interaction well.
- You now feel unsafe with the person by whom you felt threatened, and with those by whom you felt abandoned.
    13:31:27 From David Huffman : Wow … well said Robby
    13:32:34 From David Johnson : +1
    13:34:18 From janet : Yes Robbie!
    13:34:30 From janet : Robby
    13:34:55 From Ernie Prabhakar : I’ve heard that the first six seconds are our reactions to an incident, and the rest is our beliefs about the incident and reaction.
    13:35:20 From Robby Butler : I am familiar with a process for listening to Jesus in this kind of context, which we could try in this context.
    13:39:21 From Ernie Prabhakar : Jamie Winship
    13:39:34 From Robby Butler :
    13:40:13 From Ernie Prabhakar : Dno’t look for situations that bring you peace. Look to bring peace int every situation.
    13:41:34 From Ernie Prabhakar : Episode title; Elephant Listening
    13:43:42 From Ernie Prabhakar : Discouraged?
    13:44:14 From janet : Hopelessness, tedium good words
    13:44:42 From janet : I experience David the opposite of what he just said
    13:45:50 From 09 Eric C To Ernie Prabhakar(privately) : DJ: don’t get mad, but “impotence?”
    13:46:17 From Ernie Prabhakar To 09 Eric C(privately) : Sent to me, not the group
    13:46:33 From David Johnson : I hate this question…
    13:46:34 From 09 Eric C : DJ: don’t get mad, but “impotence?”
    13:47:33 From David Huffman : I feel convicted. I would’ve been one of the runners. I fear stepping up, having the confidence to confront (even in the defense of someone else) … it’s easier to run than to fight (thought, probably not in the long run). I’m sorry Janet.
    13:47:48 From David Huffman : oops: though
    13:48:03 From David Johnson : It isn’t a bad word for the feeling and thanks, that helps define it. The only problem is that I actually generally feel very powerful and competent in general. I just think that those areas are things that don’t actually matter.
    13:48:21 From Robby Butler : Janet, I was having the same thoughts as David. I have a strong tendency to flee conflict.
    13:51:59 From Ernie Prabhakar : Futility?
    13:54:34 From David Johnson : I like it! Yes, that feels more accurate
    13:59:06 From Robby Butler : Process:
- What negative emotions are you generally dealing with?
- What is the first time you recall feeling that?
- Imagine yourself in that situation and imagine Jesus with you there. Ask perfect love to show you the lie you believed then.
    14:00:36 From David Johnson : I like this question more
    14:08:07 From Robby Butler : Jamie told us that most people live with these lies:
- Everything depends on me.
- I’m not good enough.
    14:08:55 From Robby Butler : – Imagine Jesus interacting with you in that situation. What do you see/feel?
    14:09:43 From David Huffman : Is that the same thing as asking what is God telling you through all of this? Or different?
    14:13:44 From Robby Butler : The question invites us to allow Jesus to “show” us things that may not be easily contained or communicated in just words and touch the core of unresolved issues.
    14:16:56 From janet : I don’t understand completely the god doesn’t want anything form me
    14:17:18 From janet : Would like to know more
    14:17:31 From David Johnson : remember, one of the lies was that I was responsible and it was my fault for not being good enough
    14:17:45 From janet : I see
    14:23:05 From janet : I think it’s really good
    14:23:31 From janet : I AGREE
    14:24:23 From David Huffman : Reminds me of the 12 steps
    14:24:23 From janet : Thanks Ernie!
    14:24:34 From David Huffman : maybe even better
    14:24:58 From David Huffman : well, 12 steps deep sharing type of group
    14:25:30 From janet : I agree with Ernie David!

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