TGR-S6E2: Loving the World as Jesus Does


This week on The Great Reset, our Producer Ted Hahs shares his passion for loving the world (and each other) the way Jesus does.

How will we fertilize the potatoes necessary to nourish the Body of Christ to do His work in the world?

Q. How can we better recognize the awesomeness of the many people attempting great things for God?

P: Providing a platform for them to share their story and vision in order to garner support.

  • Symptom: The church talks about Jesus rather than doing what He did (looking after the interests of others)
  • Diagnosis: Broken relationships because we don’t know how to love, leading to forms without power (grieving the Holy Spirit)
  • Prescription: Humble ourselves, seek God’s holy face, repent of judging others, embrace the power of the cross (grace)
  • Prognosis: Churches, business, etc. become launching pads for ministering to the hurting world around us


One thought on “TGR-S6E2: Loving the World as Jesus Does

  1. 13:01:20 Steven McGriff : The potato growing reference from the movie, The Martian … ,-)
    13:01:54 Ted Hahs : I was thinking of Space Force…
    13:04:37 Ernie Prabhakar :
    13:05:38 Ernie Prabhakar : Specifically, this week we plan to practice being Discipled by Scripture using Romans 15:14-19:
    13:11:05 janet : I’m with you David
    13:11:09 Ted Hahs : Ernie – can you send the link to the blog post where the notes are?
    13:12:36 Ernie Prabhakar :
    13:12:42 Robby Butler : My understanding is that DBS is the “normal” plan, and recent other agendas in recent weeks were the deviation, however appropriate those deviations were.
    13:13:20 Robby Butler : We could pick a different passage and wait for Bill for the passage he requested.
    13:14:16 janet : That’s a concern of course.
    13:15:36 David Johnson : I actually like the idea of picking another passage. do you have a recommendation?
    13:16:18 Ernie Prabhakar :
    13:17:42 Robby Butler : David: Perhaps in the future we could have a “backup” passage scheduled for a case like today where the person who requested the planned passage can’t make it.
    13:18:13 Robby Butler : I’m happy to get to know Ted better today.
    13:18:27 Ernie Prabhakar : Well, now we have a backup passage for the future 🙂
    13:18:43 David Johnson : lol
    13:19:27 Ernie Prabhakar : What comes first: being united!
    13:21:40 Ernie Prabhakar :
    13:21:51 Ernie Prabhakar :
    13:22:03 janet : Jesus did all three, Proclamation, Compassion and Justice Advocacy
    13:22:09 Ernie Prabhakar : Reformers failed to pass on to the next generation
    13:22:24 Ernie Prabhakar : [I will paste the chat as comments onto the Blog post]
    13:23:17 Ernie Prabhakar :
    13:23:51 janet : Bring it on!!!
    13:24:04 Robby Butler : Ted: I have also been asking Jesus how we might move
- from silencing disagreement
- to open discussion
- with mutual respect
- toward better understanding.

At some point in my life I happily discovered that I learn more from those I disagree with than those I agree with (as long as I stay curios and don’t take it upon myself to force my views on those i disagree with).
    13:24:27 Ernie Prabhakar : STOP HUMAN TRAFFICKING
    13:25:43 Steven McGriff : @Robby … sounds really good
    13:26:26 Ernie Prabhakar :
    13:27:43 Ernie Prabhakar :
    13:27:57 Ernie Prabhakar : “Body of Christ needs to lead with examples and actions”
    13:29:33 janet : Leading begins with each of us also being responsible to face our own weaknesses, communication breakdowns, listening, doing fruits of the spirit.
    13:29:38 Ernie Prabhakar : “Shut the leak” (cure the root) versus “Mopping up the water” (Alleviate symptoms)
    13:30:11 Emiliana : I interviewed the person Ted mentioned. Find my 2-part interview here.
    13:30:11 Ernie Prabhakar : Love the vision. My question is always *where* is the point of leverage to get there.
    13:30:13 janet : Two ways to bring in this kingdom
    13:30:48 Ernie Prabhakar : “If we clarify the mission, that is what we will unite around” -> create favor
    13:30:49 janet : Change me from the inside out. While chosing a ministry to work on.
    13:31:34 Ted Hahs : @emiliana – that is awesome.
    13:31:34 Ernie Prabhakar : Curious how this ties into repentance.
    13:32:55 Ernie Prabhakar : Inside-out transformation + outside-in compassion
    13:36:22 David Johnson : DJ’s favorite word of the day: persnickety
    13:37:02 janet : Discovery Bible study model can be a piece of the pie here. Must know scripture and Christ in renewing of mind to be effective in this.
    13:37:40 Ernie Prabhakar : Janet: I would prefer to say “connect with Jesus” rather than ‘connect with His model” 🙂
    13:38:06 Ernie Prabhakar : Connect with Jesus, connect with each other, connect with the world
    13:40:53 David Johnson : I want some coffee and donuts right now
    13:40:55 Ernie Prabhakar : Top-down effectiveness is limited. Bottom-up coalitions are rarely effective.
    13:41:41 janet : Jesus was doing all three at the same time. That’s really hard to do, but that’s what he did.
    13:42:14 janet : Balance is the key
    13:42:29 Ernie Prabhakar : Decentralized networks are harder to start but have more lasting power.
    13:44:36 Ernie Prabhakar : What do we need to repent of? Our ignorance.
    13:47:13 David Johnson : The jesus statue on a bench story was amazing…
    13:47:51 Robby Butler : Ted, I hear your passion being for multiple things:
- to bring Christ’s divided body into unity
- to engage believers in local needs
- to prompt repentance for our complacency
- to deal with root causes not just symptoms

Are there key points I missed or misunderstood?
    13:47:57 Ernie Prabhakar : I wonder if the missing ingredient is a culture of transforming grace. We too easy fall into either condemning or condoning sin, which limits what we allow ourselves to see.
    13:50:36 Ernie Prabhakar :
    13:51:03 Steven McGriff : Friends, I need to leave early for another meeting. Thank you sharing today. I look forward to another conversation on what we might be able to do for the Kingdom of God around us in Jesus’ name.
    13:51:07 Ernie Prabhakar :
    13:53:25 Ernie Prabhakar : Articulate this Biblical basis that *this* is what it means to be a Christian
    13:55:02 Ernie Prabhakar : Social Entrepreneurial Incubator
    13:55:44 Robby Butler : Ted, I think you missed my comment/question earlier:
I hear your passion being for multiple things:
- to bring Christ’s divided body into unity
- to engage believers in local needs
- to prompt repentance for our complacency
- to deal with root causes not just symptoms

• Are there key points I missed or misunderstood?

• Do you have a shorter summary statement of your passion?
    13:57:07 Ernie Prabhakar : “Called to disciple nations (Bay Area)” -> spiritual indicator is salvation, social indicator is eliminating systemic poverty
    13:58:40 Ernie Prabhakar : Disciple-izing (not just “salvation” the way it is used now)
    13:59:49 Ernie Prabhakar : Holisitic salvation -> Kingdom of God HERE (not just there)
    14:01:18 Ernie Prabhakar : Salvation -> Healing -> Deliverance (Carlos anacondia?)
    14:03:46 Ernie Prabhakar : WEIRD Revival?
    14:03:49 janet : How is this done in real time and in our group?
    14:06:42 janet : Hope where we first go is to the Parables themselves
    14:07:12 Emiliana : Handyman just showed up. I’m listening!
    14:07:45 Ted Hahs : the first thing that comes to mind is the passages where Jesus says “depart from me I never knew you…”
    14:07:47 Ernie Prabhakar : Robby on John 10:10
    14:08:09 Robby Butler : Is “hearing and following Jesus with others” at the core of what a Christian “should be”?
    14:08:22 David Johnson : Could I ask that we end on a quick round of each of us saying something we appreciate about Bill?
    14:08:29 Ernie Prabhakar : Also: John 14 Matthew 7:23

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