“The body of Christ arose as ONE mighty army”


A prophetic glimpse into the coming time!

by John Dayalan Edwards

(My cousin, born in the US but now living in Chennai)

This past Sunday I was preaching on inner healing and deliverance in our Tamil service. The anointing of the Lord was present to heal inner wounds and hurts and the love and compassion of the Lord was abundant.

During that time, in a moment I felt as if I was one with the Lord as I prayed — it seemed like Jesus Himself was praying —from John 13:34,35 and John 17:21.

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THE 7000: A Glimpse into the Future, by John Dayalan Edward


Follow-on to A Word for America, by John Dayalan Edward

The 7000 are the ones that will arise in the power of God in the coming seasons. They are everywhere. They are from every denomination but they do not identify themselves by one. Their identity is in Christ and He in them, the hope of glory. They are from all walks of life, young and old (many children will lead the way). They have one vision and one purpose, which is to see Christ glorified and His kingdom come. 

They are tired of religion; hypocrisy stinks before them. Their faith is simple and they are pressing past the old into the new. Love is what earmarks them. 

Each one of them is growing into full maturity in Christ and each one of them edifies the other. They have known their gifts and also have known their place in the body. 

There is a deep hunger that is growing in them. A hunger that will not be satisfied by any other, than the full manifestation of the power of God.  

It is a work of the Spirit, and He is orchestrating it around the world in preparing His end-time bride.  

He that has eyes let him see and He that has ears let him hear what the Spirit is doing and saying.

A collective reaching out from around the world, that will open the windows of heaven in an unprecedented way like never before. Then, O glory, she will arise in glory, in perfect coordination. A coordination so symphonic and so prefect, that it is (can only be) witnessed from above; for every one has yielded themselves to the Spirit and He has already united their hearts in Christ — and now the glorious manifestation of that is seen as LOVE, as the way in which signs and wonders and miracles abound like never before and the presence and power of God is witnessed like never before. 

Each part of the body doing its work as Christ Himself is the head, sending commands directly to each member of His body — and through His body without any block. 

Come out my people! Come out from among them (no offense… :);  ‘among’ does not relate to the world but to any denomination or group that is not Christ-centered and is not focused on the edification of everyone. As the times are changing in the spiritual realm, God is done with institutionalized church (not an immediate reality but one that will happen in the near future). 

Seperate yourselves unto Me. A call to intimacy. A call to denying self completely. A cry of desperation as God meets them halfway.  An endowment of great power as the veil between the natural and spiritual realm stands torn! Amen.

Having a glorious time in transit… :)!

Addendum 9/18/2021

In regards to my earlier email on the ‘7000’ I got responses from several of you , the Spirit bearing witness with you to what was said. There was a question that came up from the writings as to what I meant by the institutional church ? There are few things I feel I needed to say in that regard.
Firstly, whatever was written had a flow to it and the phrase “the days of the institutional church are over….” I believe is from the Lord.
Now, I would like to expound on that prayerfully.
Foremost, it is not the setting or the difference in accommodations large (buildings) or small (house churches) that is the main focus. Any one of those can be centered on individuals — their own identity — rather than (or more than) Christ; and any one of those may not be glorifying Christ, fulfilling God’s purpose for them.
Having said that, God’s intent these last days is for His entire body to rise to maturity. His power and glory will be there, and those are the seasons He is leading the church into. It is not about a select few functioning in their callings only (I believe in leadership.. :-); it is about everyone functioning fully in their callings. 

My understanding in that regard is, the current church (building setting) is not largely geared towards [that], and it cannot be achieved unless:

  • some radical and 180-degree changes are made
  • people who are currently leading being willing to take backstage (needs more explanation) and let others lead
  • provisions are made for everyone to come to a place of functioning in their calling is made.

So, the question in that regard is how many of the current institutional churches will embrace that change?  If they do and our prayer is that all of them do, it is a great thing.. :-). 
One final question to ask in that regard and a more important one is: is this the new wineskin, the new mindset that God wants us to have, and proceed with making every provision for everyone to become mature and become functional? Christ glorified and His body matured, our sole purpose behind our being and functioning.
May His bride arise to the full stature of Christ; in Love, Purity and Power! Amen
Grace to all of you!John

Honor Thy Flawed Fathers and Mothers


Solving the “Asian Parent Problem”

“And do not call anyone on earth ‘father,’ for you have one Father, and he is in heaven.” — Matthew 23:9

Over the last few years God has been putting me through a graduate course in dealing with my father issues. I still haven’t graduated, but at least I know what my thesis is. 🙂


I never really wanted to be a leader. I just wanted to find a leader I could trust, who cared about the things I cared about, so I could define my mission as a sub-mission of theirs. Unfortunately, things never quite worked out that way.

This is not to denigrate the honorable men (no women, but that’s another story) I have served under in the context of work, ministry and family. I have been extraordinary privileged to have been by led and mentored by a succession of extraordinary men of deep integrity, from my own earthly father to Steve Jobs. People who were sincerely committed to the mission, practiced what they preached, and never abused their authority.

And yet…

For all their strengths, those leaders all their blind spots. Areas where their behavior didn’t align with the values they genuinely believed in and communicated. Attitudes they were oblivious to that clearly hurt both individuals and the organization’s ability to fulfill its mission. Continue reading

Demolishing Strongholds by Philip John


Text: 2 Cor 10: 3 – 6

For though we live in the world, we do not wage war as the world does. The weapons we fight with are not the weapons of the world. On the contrary, they have divine power to demolish strongholds. We demolish arguments and every pretension that sets itself up against the knowledge of God, and we take captive every thought to make it obedient to Christ.

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Kingdom Equations, with Bob Mumford


I admit this is rather geeky, but (for once!) it isn’t my fault. Our NALC West speaker Bob Mumford is on a bit of a physics kick, and thus presented his summary on the nature of God’s Kingdom using a series of pseudo-algebraic equations. I loved the idea, but felt it actually worked better graphically, so I took the liberty of “remixing” it as a series of charts. Let me know what you think!

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From Soul to Spirit, with Bob Mumford


In response to my previous summary of Bob Mumford’s talk at NALC West, my friend Andrew Isaac asked in the comments:

could you elaborate on what Bob said about the nature of Agape in regards to pre-meditation? I’ve been having a hard time understanding why we can’t pre-meditate loving someone with Agape love.

That’s actually something I myself have wrestled with, so I figured its worth another blog post to explore. I don’t pretend to have all the answers, but I do at least pretend to have some of the answers. 🙂

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From Arche to Agape, with Bob Mumford


As I said before, my earlier song/summary from Bob Mumford‘s teaching at NALC-West (2007 May 4-7, Langley, BC, Canada) wasn’t a great success along either dimension. However, it did inspire me to take another crack at trying to articulate what I got out of his messages, even though it was two weeks ago. To be sure, this doesn’t even attempt to capture the richness of his illustrations, the depth of his feeling, or the joyousness of his humor; and falls short even of the attempt to capture his basic meaning. Still, it is at least useful to me as a partial reminder, as imperfect as it is.

Please give him credit for anything insightful and useful in the following, and blame me for anything confusing and/or heretical. 🙂 [PDF also available]

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Eternal Life by Philip John

My father-in-law gave the following message during the “Explore” service at Ashraya Church in South India. It is a thoughtful, humorous, yet deeply spiritual look at one of the deepest mysteries we will ever confront. I love the way he respectfully but firmly contrasts Christianity with the Hindu and Buddhist beliefs of his audience. Though he isn’t an ordained pastor, he clearly has a pastoral heart, and it shows.

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Give Thanks by Philip John

Today’s “guest devotional” is by my father-in-law, Philip John. He lives in Chennai, India, and gave this sermon last Sunday at Ashraya Church , where he is an elder. I found it both encouraging and convicting, and wanted to pass it along. My favorite passage:
Many times we may end up losing something we value very much and when this happens we lose ‘face’. We are seen as losers. We try to resist this by hanging in there by hook or by crook — often by crook which we justify in our mind – ‘we don’t want the Lord’s name to be let down’! But the real reason is that we don’t want to let go of something we want to cling on to. Actually God may be taking away something so He could put something bigger and better in our hands! And in the process of our ‘letting go’ you can be sure that He is changing your character and increasing your trust in Him.
[Read more] for the full text.

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