ASK FOR IT by John Isaacs


As part of our Leadership Development Team training last week, Pastor John shared this Lord’s Prayer-inspired acronym, to help us better structure our own prayer life.

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  • A Adoration and praise to God the Father
  • S Sins acknowledged and confessed
  • K Know you are righteous in Christ
  • F Forgiving others who have wronged you
  • O Offering up petitions to God
  • R Request God’s will to be done
  • I Intimidate the Enemy with warfare prayer
  • T Thanksgiving for all God has done and will do

Most of this is fairly similar to the traditional A.C.T.S. model, but there are three intriguing additions:

  1. After confession, recognize that we have been forgiven and are righteous in Christ.
  2. After petition, reaffirm that our primary request is for God’s will to be done (not ours!)
  3. Help make it happen by specifically praying against the enemy

I’m sure some would argue that the first two are implicit in the ACTS model (or that the third is unscriptural :-). But the point is not to start an argument; the point is to help us learn to pray more consistently and effectively, and to that end I find John’s acronym extremely helpful.

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