A Word for America, by John Dayalan Edward


[A prophetic word from my cousin, an American citizen who leads a team of missionaries in India. — Ernie P.]

Attached are some of the thoughts God has given for the States. Usually, the word of knowledge comes in part and sharing it at the right place brings greater clarity. I felt the Lord wanted me to type all that He has to say this morning.

Part 1: Failing Foundations

If the foundations are destroyed what would the righteous do? Psalms 11:3

The enemy’s plan from the inception of this country has been to destroy its foundations that it was being built on and thereby bring the collapse of this nation. A nation, which once clearly knew its roots and gave God the glory for its success. As time passed, the enemy’s half truths and lies started to infiltrate a society that did not glorify God as it should have and became vain in their imaginations. Pride being the reason. Therefore God also gave them over to the lusts of their flesh ( Romans 1:21 onwards).

The church also has largely left its roots, as repentance and faith towards God in commitment to Him totally, have been forgotten. In recent times, God by His great mercy has given many opportunities for us see our mistakes and the areas were we desperately need Him. However, pride has prevented many from seeing and turning towards God but in turn they have given place to the accuser of the brethren as the Spirit of Christ has been deeply grieved.

We are in a pivotal point where the fate of this nation hangs in the balance. It could go to a point of no return with the total destruction of its foundations and the sign of that would be an earthquake in the States (presumed to be in California). However, the door to God’s endless mercies have not yet been shut as the nation is also on the verge of the greatest revival it has ever witnessed in line with God’s plan to pour out His Spirit in raising up His end-time army all over the world. The question is which countries would be in the forefront and actively participate in God’s end-time plan as some have totally given themselves over to evil.

The need of the hour is humility; for the light of the Spirit to shine; for the fires of God to fall!! A holy cleansing from deep within. Then from that place, the foundations need to be strengthened. Truths need to be proclaimed within the church and truths on the foundations on which this nation was built.

I see the Spirit hovering over as in Genesis Chapter 1 as God says let there be light. Creative power and authority is given to the saints as the end of all things begin…

Part 2: Jezebel must leave the house

After writing on the first word for America, fell asleep and had a dream. The second word ( first part) is an interpretation of the dream I had. It was concerning Jezebel.

The church’s attention must shift to the helpless and the weak. For therein lies a pearl of great value. In order to find that pearl, we should be ready to change the order of the way we do service. Even though the value of it is greatly understood, it will irk Jezebel as she will openly leave the house. A moment of great conflict as she defiantly makes her way out.

Even though the conflict will be unexpected and will create a situation were it will be seemingly difficult for those involved to minister, the people would still be ready to hear the word of the Lord. However, we must find the right attire for the situation. It is among the common people.

The manifestation of this in the country is when the cry of the unborn and totally helpless will be heard. If that happens, then we can be rest assured that Jezebel’s power is being broken or she is on the way out.

The way to break the power of Jezebel is when we as a people realize our utter need for God and our total helplessness before Him. Not just realize, we must walk in our daily walk and service from this place. It must be our profession, for there the power of control is broken. Then, when our focus changes to the weak (the things that matter in God’s eyes), Jezebel simply can’t stay.

For the country, a group of believers must gather in unison acknowledging their need for God, in total brokenness and vulnerability. For they are given great power to cast out principalities and powers for a season. It is that open heaven that will bring in an out pouring of the Spirit with great signs and wonders. The power of God demonstrated to this world as many come to the saving knowledge of Christ.

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