Dream: Chocolate Shop Fail


I am in a cavernous store, the size of COSTCO.
It is basically a tourist trap.
Actually part of a series.
In a resort.
In the mountains.

This one is a candy store.
Each day they take us to a different one.
I wasn’t interested so I wandered off.

Then I remembered I could buy something for my wife.
She loves chocolate.
Although it looked like a Hershey store.
And she much prefers dark chocolate.

I make my way back to the counter I remember.
I ask the lady there if she has anything with dark chocolate.
She smiles and says yes.

An older lady, plump but not fat.
Dressed in a sort of Orange.
Perhaps Peach.
Wearing an open sweater and slacks.
Dark blonde hair.
Reminds me of our nanny.

To my surprise she does not just point.
She leaves the counter.
I wait there.
She goes across the store.
There are stairs in the center.
Like at a mall.

She disappears upstairs.
I see other sales ladies coming down.
They are carrying fancy dresses.
Evening gowns.

Eventually mine comes down too.
Carrying a dress.
The color of dark chocolate!

I’m stunned.
I must have wandered into a completely different store.

I feel ridiculous.
Then I wonder.
Maybe my wife would like this instead.

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