Kingdom Equations, with Bob Mumford


I admit this is rather geeky, but (for once!) it isn’t my fault. Our NALC West speaker Bob Mumford is on a bit of a physics kick, and thus presented his summary on the nature of God’s Kingdom using a series of pseudo-algebraic equations. I loved the idea, but felt it actually worked better graphically, so I took the liberty of “remixing” it as a series of charts. Let me know what you think!

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The Kingdom of God
In Seven

  1. Purpose: Glory as Love’s Completion
  2. Process: Becoming Stewards, not Owners
  3. Principle: Orthodox and Modern
  4. Presence: Wholly Present yet Wholly Other
  5. Providence: Restoring God as all-in-all
  6. Product: Christ-like Spirit vs. Selfish Soul
  7. Promise: Lose Ownership, Gain Kingdom

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