“The body of Christ arose as ONE mighty army”


A prophetic glimpse into the coming time!

by John Dayalan Edwards

(My cousin, born in the US but now living in Chennai)

This past Sunday I was preaching on inner healing and deliverance in our Tamil service. The anointing of the Lord was present to heal inner wounds and hurts and the love and compassion of the Lord was abundant.

During that time, in a moment I felt as if I was one with the Lord as I prayed — it seemed like Jesus Himself was praying —from John 13:34,35 and John 17:21.

In that moment I saw the body of Christ arise, and it arose as ONE mighty army. Amen, and the word of the Lord came to me: “This world will be given one more opportunity to see that Christ alone is Lord, through mighty signs and wonders, and bow their knees to Him.”

An awakening leading to the revelation of Christ as Lord of all mankind. Many will bow their knees before Him, from kings to princes and mighty men; but many others will reject Him as the turmoil in the world are greatly increased, nearing the outpouring of the full wrath of God.


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