The Great Redemption


A three-volume fantasy, wherein I confront the brokenness of our gods. And myself.

The first episode (“The Temple”) as written as a standalone piece in 2006. I revisited it in 2020 during a time of intense spiritual warfare, which only started to abate in February of 2023. As usual, I wrote stream-of-consciousness with no clue how each individual story would end. Or even whether I was the hero or the villain!

As far as I can tell, this particular story is over. But The Great Redemption is just beginning…

I. Redeeming Aphrodite

  1. Redeeming Aphrodite: The Temple (Part 1)
  2. Redeeming Aphrodite: The Sword (Part 2)
  3. Redeeming Aphrodite: Artemis Hunting (Part 3)
  4. Redeeming Aphrodite: Healing Hephaestus (Part 4)
  5. Redeeming Aphrodite: Raising Hades (Part 5)
  6. Redeeming Aphrodite: Meeting Jesus (Part 6)
  7. Redeeming Aphrodite: Son of Adam (Part 7)
  8. Redeeming Aphrodite: Seeking Eve (Part 8)
  9. Redeeming Aphrodite: All Hallows’ Eve (Part 9)
  10. Redeeming Aphrodite: Christmas Adam (Part 10)
  11. Redeeming Aphrodite: Girls Knight Out (Part 11)
  12. Redeeming Aphrodite: Freeing Minerva (Part 12 of 12)

II. Redeeming Ares

Redeeming Ares, Part 0

  1. Redeeming Ares, Part 1: Apollo’s Creed
  2. Redeeming Ares, Part 2: In Dio Veritas
  3. Redeeming Ares, Part 3: Un-Hasty Hestia
  4. Redeeming Ares, Part 4: Chiron Feeding
  5. Redeeming Ares, Part 5: Ultimate Sacrifice
  6. Redeeming Ares, Part 6: Losing My Religion
  7. Redeeming Ares, Part 7: Divine Judgement
  8. Redeeming Ares, Part 8: Hermetic Unsealing
  9. Redeeming Ares, Part 9: Satan’s Well
  10. Redeeming Ares, Part 10: House of Mouse

III. Redeeming Animism

  1. Redeeming Animism, Part 1: Animal Spirits
  2. Redeeming Animism, Part 2: Coyote Wiled
  3. Redeeming Animism, Part 3: Sneaky Snake
  4. Redeeming Animism, Part 4: Effacing Death
  5. Redeeming Animism, Part 5: Eagle Sighs
  6. Redeeming Animism, Part 6: My De-Liver-Er
  7. Redeeming Animism, Part 7: The Last Level (FINALE of The Great Redemption)

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