Redeeming Ares, Part 0


Continued from Redeeming Aphrodite

Ernie: You again? I thought Hades replaced you!

Ares: Dream on. Even Haphaestus wants me back. Needs me, even.

E. But you’re the personification of rape, sadism, and uncontrolled violence!

A. So?

E. Well… that seems the antithesis of Love and Wisdom. Though I can see where you might get along with Freedom

A. You think too small, little man. Rape is a possible route to Love. Wisdom delights in violence. Minerva is also a goddess of war!

E. This doesn’t make any sense. I went through hell and back to redeem your sisters. Why do I have to deal with you?

A. Because the War is just getting started. And without me you don’t stand a chance.

E. Wait. Are you saying you are on God’s side?

A. That, little man, is up to you.

E. Uh-oh.

A. Yup. Either you find a way to redeem me — including all those socially-shunned impulses inside you — or I end up fighting for the Enemy.

E. Crap.

A. I would rather you say “Shit.”

E. Why? Why do you have to be so crude? Why do you want to make ME so crude, and rude, and callous?

A. Because I am the god of extremes.
In extremis, you must dig deep within yourself to find every possible weapon to use against the Enemy.
When you do that, you don’t have any energy to spare for fighting yourself.
Or censoring yourself.
It all just comes out.

E. Shit. Does that mean I have to go through a whole ‘nother story arc?

A. Damned if I know. I’m no Oracle of Delphi. Maybe you should ask Apollo.

E. Sigh. Here we go again…

To be continued

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