Redeeming Ares, Part 7: Divine Judgement



Continued from Part 6

I gaze over the gods of Olympus
Awaiting their judgement
From a Son of Adam

Which would be a glorious event
To behold
If only the person doing it
Was someone
Other than me!

The Verdict

Hear me out
O ye gods!

Your time is ending
And I for one am glad

Mankind grows weary
Of your pettiness and folly
Your lusts and intrigues
Your callousness and favoritism

It is right and just
That you should cede your place
And face a reckoning
For your many sins

Yet now that your time
Has come to an end
I only have one thing
Left to say

“Thank you”

You have allowed
Great evil

But That
Is not your fault
For you were given
A burden too great
For even immortals to bear

For you were not created
To be gods
But tutors
To open Adam’s eyes
To all he could be

When he fell
You took the fall
And took his place

You gave us someone to blame
To bear the unbearable
Agony of agency
Explain the inexplicable
Justify the unredeemable

You created a space
To explore the heights and depths
Of our humanity
And discover
Why we need a Savior

So on behalf
Of my father Adam
Thank you
For taking his place
When he was too weak

Even though
It was also too much
For you to bear

The Blessing

I declare to you
Your years of hard service are over
The Lord has paid you double
For all your sins

For better and worse
Humanity no longer
Blames or worships the gods

We blame and worship
And each other

And there is only One
Who can save us from that Self

As for you
Well done, good and faithful servants
Enter into your reward

The Naming

[The gods are no longer faces of stone. They weep openly as I walk around, laying hands on them]

Beautiful Aphrodite
Embodying the ecstasy and agony of love
I name you Door-Opener
For with pleasure and shame
You called me out of childhood
And showed me Why
I must become Man
Though you could not teach me How

Lithe Artemis
Freedom personified
I name you Wild Glory
Perhaps you made
The greatest sacrifice of all
Standing alone for centuries
To show us the value
And terrible price
Of surpassing all our bonds

Steadfast Hephaestus
Maker of work, and works
I name you Diligence
An indifferent god
Yet marvelous servant
Generous friend
And reliable counselor

Faithful Hades
Steward of wealth and death
I name you Metric
You force us to number our days
And help us to number all else
May we neither fear nor worship you
But humbly receive
Your great gifts

Blessed Minerva
Keeper of wisdom
My nemesis and muse
I name you Cleaner
While many would rankle
At so lowly a name
You may find it a relief
Only The One
Can be our Truth
But you are the one
Who can best reveal Him
By wiping away
Our comfortable lies

Shining Apollo
Lord of mystery and manhood
I dare to name you Brother
For better and worse
I always measure myself
Against your shadow

Drunken Dionysus
Source of madness and merriment
I name you Revealer
Bringing heaven to earth
Confronting us
With our darkest desires
And most blinding hopes

Comforting Hestia
Guardian of the home
I name you Headwater
You are the Eden
From which we sprang
And can never return
But whose memory carries us
To where you’ve never been

Bloody Ares
Carnage incarnate
I call you Mirror
For only when faced
With the ultimate test
Can we know or become
What we most love and hate

And finally Zeus
King of the gods
What name can I give one
Who already shares the Name
Of Deus?

Let me just call you

For I now must walk
The road you once trod
To Steward the earth
In submission to God

You made great mistakes
And I know I will too
But perhaps make them better
By learning from you

I can only infer
The torment you faced
From fathers you slew
And women you chased

So come take my hand
As I take your baton
Enter into your rest
While I carry on


Zeus approaches me
And holds out both hands

I kneel before him
Not precisely in submission
To pickup the Box
Containing my Pride

I bow my head
And raise my arms

He takes the Box
And crushes it
Between two mighty hands
The splinters drawing blood
From fresh wounds in his palms

He opens his hands
The iron ring of Pride
Mangled and reforged
Into a Key

He brushes aways
The chips of wood
And hands me the Key

“Go!” he says
“Your father has waited
A very long time.”

Then turning away, adds in a whisper
“So have I.”

To be continued

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