Redeeming Aphrodite: All Hallows’ Eve (Part 9)


Continued from Part 8


Father and I have been taken prisoner by female guards.
I have no idea what is going on.
I wonder if we were betrayed by Hades, when he opened the Box in his Office.

Then I see Adam.
He no longer looks like a truant Child.
He looks like a Man who has stared Death in the eye.
And Death knelt at his feet and called him Master.

I hope he doesn’t do anything stupid.
Then I realize stupidity is inevitable, whenever Man sees Woman.
So instead I start to pray.
Pray he does the Right Stupid Thing.


We enter a crystal palace that makes me think of Frozen.
She is wearing a white robe, and seated on a massive throne that towers over us.
Our guards force us to our knees.
But I swear Adam was about to kneel anyway.

His eyes never leave her face.
I have no words to describe his expression.
But it makes me want to bow down in worship.
Or else cry my eyes out for all eternity.

Her expression is easier to decipher.
Or is it?
My first impression was that they burned with an unquenchable anger that was like unto hatred.
But now I wonder if that is a mask for a much deeper hunger…

Adam: Hello, Eve.

Eve: Adam.
It has been a Long Time.
What brings you to my Kingdom?

Adam: It is time.
Time to make right all that went wrong.

Eve: Fool!
Who are you to speak to me of wrongs?
I knew this day would come.
That is why I have gathered my army.
From every corner of Hell.

After this I turned and beheld a great multitude, which no man can number.
Stretching farther than my eyes can see.
Mostly women, though not a few men.
Some so beautiful my throat runs dry.
Many disfigured in ways too terrible to contemplate.
All mirror the same righteous anger that radiates from Eve.

Eve: Look!
Gaze upon the children you have given me.
All those used and abused by men.
By those who followed in your footsteps.
Who used us to satisfy their lusts.
And made us think it was our fault.
These children are my witnesses against you.
They. Will. Not. Let. You. Take. Me.

At this, the multitude lets out a blood-curdling scream of defiance.
I shiver from the top of my head to the soles of my feet.

I glance at Adam.
He hasn’t taken his eyes off Eve.
If anything, he looks at her even more intently.
He sees something in her.
Something new.

I look at Eve.
What does he see in her?

I turn away, unable to bear the sight.
He does not.

When Adam neither cries in fear nor roars in defiance, Eve stops.
She stops.
She looks at him.
She sees him.
As if for the first time.

The multitude sees her.
They see her seeing him.
They too stop.
They too look at him.

Gradually it grows quiet.
The silence becomes unbearable.

I look at Eve.
I wait for her to say the word.
The word that unleashes the multitude upon us.
And pay us back for all eternity.
For all the sins of Man.

I glance at Adam.
He still hasn’t take his eyes off Eve.
There is a dangerous gleam in his eye.
Which to me looks suspiciously like madness.

I realIze he is about to do The Stupid Thing.
And a cold horror seizes me.
There is no Right Thing.
There is no way out.
We were doomed the moment we came here.

And I realize the most awful truth of all.
Hades didn’t betray us…
I did.

To be continued…

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