DBJ Open Source Practices (IGWET Edition)


Anyone is welcome to Host their own Session of Discipling By Jesus. You are free to adapt and reuse the Format and Playlists on this site under the Creative Commons Attribution license by, e.g., simply linking back to https://2transform.us/dbj/.

These materials were initially developed to serve Innovating Gospelized Western English-speaking Technophiles (IGWET). We would love to list alternate Editions from other languages and subcultures. Contact this Edition’s Steward Ernest Prabhakar for details.

Recommended Practices

DBJ itself is not, and will never be, legally trademarked. Use it however the Spirit leads you.

That said, we encourage you to prioritize the following Practices, while developing Forms that match your needs and context. We encourage you to experiment and share your results in the comments. The seven practices are listed below, from most important to the least. We expect to update it based on feedback and experience from the community, as will be noted in the change log.

  1. Take communion together.
    1. Our form is the Host offering the cup or bread to one person, who offers it to the next, and so on; and then partaking together when all have been served.
  2. Create and host a group chat so members can interact during the week.
    1. We use GroupMe and IGWET.
  3. Move from Seeing Jesus (Praise) to Being Jesus (Mission) by receiving grace to Grow All Closer to Jesus (GACJ, “gawk-age”).
    1. Our form is to reflect on His Word & Spirit, Body & Blood (WSBB,”whiz-bub”).
  4. Record and broadcast your sessions publicly on the Internet.
    1. We use Zoom and YouTube Live on the Discipling By Jesus channel.
  5. End each session asking attendees for feedback about today’s session.
    1. Our form is each person shares an “I Like/I Wonder” (ILIW), to identify what went well or might be worth revising.
  6. Set apart a silent Observer to formally document insights and feedback from the live session.
    1. Our form is to have the alternate-session Co-Host create a public Google Sheet for Attendees and a private Google Doc for the Hosts.
    2. May only do this for the first session or two, until the format stabilizes
  7. Ask members for a voluntary donation, to both offset the cost of providing those services and to honor the Host you learned DBS from.
    1. We ask for $14, which is $2/week or roughly the price of a book.
    2. We give a percentage to Strategic Indigenous Missions, which hosted DBJ’s precursor The Great Reset.
    3. We only accept donations from groups that publicly state which of these practices they follow.


Discipling By Jesus is neither a business nor a non-profit. It is disciplizing movement co-founded by Ernest Prabhakar and Robby Butler during Lent 2021.

DBJ is inspired by (but different from) Discovery Bible Studies. The goal is for DBJ to be a Bible Study the way the iPhone is a phone!

Change Log

  • 2021-04-08 v1.1 Ernest Prabhakar: Clarifying Host and Observer roles
  • 2021-02-28 v1.0 Ernest Prabhakar: Recommended Practices
  • 2021-02-26 DRAFT Ernest Prabhakar: Franchising DBJ

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