DBJ-2021A-1T Dog Park Church (Luke 5:1-11)


Our very first official session starts with me explaining (and arguably demonstrating) the idea of “Dog Park Church.”

Most churches (implicitly) expect you to sin outside and be holy inside. DBJ is the opposite!

This is not a pristine house we aspire to keep clean. We are the place where people feel safe enough to “release the crap inside them,” because this is precisely where we are learning how to clean it up. We need to bring our worst selves to church, so we can bring our best selves to the world.

I also confess that I am doing this selfishly. I am the one who most needs to Grow Closer to Jesus (GCJ) — because I realize I am furthest from my high calling.

I need all of you to help me GCJ, because I can’t do this on my own. In exchange, though, I commit to helping all of you GCJ.

In fact, that is the only way this works: by Growing All of Us Closer to Jesus (GAUCJ, pronounced “gawkage”). It is only in trying to set others free from sin that we discover where we ourselves lack the grace to be Christ to them in their area of need. It is only as Christ frees us from our sins that we can truly free others.

We start with Christ saving us from our sins, then simply keep expanding the “us” until He saves the whole Body of Christ (target date: 13-APR-31) — and thence the whole world.

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