DBJ-2021A-1 Dog Park Church (Luke 5:1-11)


Our very first official session (on Thursday) started with me explaining (and arguably demonstrating) the idea of “Dog Park Church.”

Thursday, Feb 24, 2021 @ 7:00 PM PST

Robby built on this with several novel innovations as he launched our first “franchised” session on Friday:

Most churches (implicitly) expect you to sin outside and be holy inside. DBJ is the opposite!

This is not a pristine house we aspire to keep clean. We are the place where people feel safe enough to “release the crap inside them,” because this is precisely where we are learning how to clean it up. We need to bring our worst selves to church, so we can bring our best selves to the world.

I also confess that I am doing this selfishly. I am the one who most needs to Grow Closer to Jesus (GCJ) — because I realize I am furthest from my high calling.

I need all of you to help me GCJ, because I can’t do this on my own. In exchange, though, I commit to helping all of you GCJ.

In fact, that is the only way this works: by Growing All of Us Closer to Jesus (GAUCJ, pronounced “gawkage”). It is only in trying to set others free from sin that we discover where we ourselves lack the grace to be Christ to them in their area of need. It is only as Christ frees us from our sins that we can truly free others.

We start with Christ saving us from our sins, then simply keep expanding the “us” until He saves the whole Body of Christ (target date: 13-APR-31) — and thence the whole world.

Thursday’s Zoom Notes

19:09:09 Ernie Prabhakar: I’m going to run get a glass of water…
19:11:56 Ernie Prabhakar: When did you see Jesus this week? (to teach, save, or comfort)
19:12:17 Ernie Prabhakar: Opening Question: In this first session, each of us will answer (then ask someone else): “Tell us your name, and how Jesus led you to share in this journey.”
19:24:55 Ernie Prabhakar: Great to see your face, Ross!
19:28:04 Ernie Prabhakar: https://www.amazon.com/Invested-Life-Making-Disciples-Nations-ebook/dp/B007V6988Q
19:29:16 Robby Butler To Ernie Prabhakar(privately): What are you thinking about the pace, and finishing by 8:30?
19:29:47 Ernie Prabhakar To Robby Butler(privately): I’m hoping we can finish the six by then, and do review for those who stay late
19:30:15 Ernie Prabhakar To Robby Butler(privately): If if is tight I’ll ask for volunteers to Report
19:32:20 Robby Butler: Pray for the 31 – Prayer GuideGet your free copy athttps://go31.org/get-copies
19:39:15 Ernie Prabhakar: We made an honest woman out of you!
19:40:40 Ernie Prabhakar To Robby Butler(privately): Since we have 14 people, I think we should split into two groups post-Reflection.
19:41:24 Robby Butler To Ernie Prabhakar(privately): Sounds Good.
19:46:56 Ernie Prabhakar: That verse (John 14 about the Father) was actually what we studied on our Feb 6 Pilot
19:49:50 Ernie Prabhakar: Janet’s Get to Know You sheet — please fill in <> (will also post to GroupMe)
19:58:39 John McClements: Sorry, but I have to leave early tonight. Bless each of you.
19:58:52 Robby Butler: Bless you, John
19:58:57 09 Eric C: I’m so sorry everyone, but I have to leave early this time. I should be able to be fully here for coming meetings.
20:01:11 Robby Butler To Ernie Prabhakar(privately): He goes by “Mel”
20:01:32 Ernie Prabhakar To Robby Butler(privately): thx
20:11:44 Robby Butler To Ernie Prabhakar(privately): At what time and stage do we come back to the breakout?
20:14:50 Ernie Prabhakar: BL: Let me net down,
20:15:28 Ernie Prabhakar: TL: Leave everything & follow me.
20:15:57 Ernie Prabhakar: MK: be still and listen; don’t tell me what to do
20:18:15 Ernie Prabhakar: LC: push out into deep water
20:30:34 Ernie Prabhakar: Tammy: rough teaching, friend at breaking point Kelly
20:32:19 Ernie Prabhakar: Janet: Julie preparing for death
20:33:42 Ernie Prabhakar: Brent: protect wife vaccine; speak peace not division. Set nets deeper.
20:34:45 Ernie Prabhakar: Laura: Carol, do Bible study.
20:37:08 Ernie Prabhakar: Mel: letter to retired teacher, point to Lord.
20:38:54 Ernie Prabhakar: Ernie: humility and miracle
20:39:53 Ernie Prabhakar: LC: Like diversity of age & background, open honesty, everybody takes a turn;
20:41:06 Ernie Prabhakar: TL: Like being back in a small group. Focus on Jesus, think outside my circle.
20:44:27 Ernie Prabhakar: BL: like my Dad; miss his. Like diversity.Didn’t feel excluding. Wonder: how to see more? Rest of the questions? Podcast with Ernie
20:45:14 Ernie Prabhakar: TL Wonder: what is the vision for next steps
20:48:22 Ernie Prabhakar: Janet: Like DBS method, like the Word & processing reading.
20:49:40 Ernie Prabhakar: Janet: Like that we don’t mind going a little long; like that we started with some personal sharing.
20:50:03 Ernie Prabhakar: Wonder: Start 6:45 for Social Time.
20:50:13 Ernie Prabhakar: JW: share contact information/preferences
20:50:57 Ernie Prabhakar: JL: finding out who knows who
20:52:17 Ernie Prabhakar: Wonder: praying together
20:53:01 Ernie Prabhakar: JRM Wonder: Close with one prayer, THEN debrief, THEN have open prayer for those who stay later.
20:54:53 Ernie Prabhakar: BL: 30 min ahead Office Hours (with Janet!)
20:55:06 Ernie Prabhakar: RB: HearLila
20:56:10 Ernie Prabhakar: RB: Wonder -> if we grew, who would feel comfortable facilitating?
20:56:42 Ernie Prabhakar: Janet: willing to do breakout
20:58:30 Ernie Prabhakar: JRM: could learn to do this
20:59:54 Ernie Prabhakar: BL: “Beyond’s Nugget Training” can do that…

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