DBJ-2021-02-24 Spirited Adjustment, with Cowboy Timothy


Ernie explains to Robby his current framing of how Discipling By Jesus evolved from Discovery Bible study:

  • repentance vs obedience
  • growing all of us closer to Jesus vs multiplying disciples among the lost

They are joined by Cowboy Timothy, who independently developed a similar practice

Praying with pastor Cowboy Timothy

Zoom Chat Notes

10:20:55: Cowboy Timothy: 1. Receiving Truth from the Father. 2. Yielding to Adjustment of Spirit -> Repentance/Assignment 3. Sharing Support & Encouragement
10:25:28: Kingdom versus Cultural
10:25:51: Focus on the priorities of the King (red letter meanings)
10:26:03: Matt 5:16
10:26:18: Matt 20:28 serve not be served
10:26:38: “Capture eye before the ear”
10:27:00: I Peter 3:15 “ready for the ask” earned
10:28:01: Galatians 5:16 “yield to the Spirit”
10:28:38: “Adjustment or Assignment” -> John 16;14 “magnify Jesus”
10:29:27: cf. Peter and the sheet of unclean animals -> adjust + assign to Cornelius
10:32:30: Acts 10: Peter hadn’t fleshed out (internalized) the implications
10:33:22: Gospel expands by embracing what the culture calls defilement
10:36:18: Individuals alone, even with Scripture and the Spirit, can go astray.
10:36:39: How do we have group dynamics that help us adjust and assign better, rather than distract from that?
10:37:00: DBS didn’t seem to engage the family (same with me for DBJ)
10:37:14: 1. What are you excited or challenged by today?
10:37:38: 2. From the time you had with God, what did the Father reveal to you? Truth and promises to partake
10:37:43: 3.Adjustments and assignments
10:39:05: Three essential experiences: Engaging God with the Word John 8:32 truth that sets them free (principles to avoid pitfalls)
10:39:29: Promises of God carry Power (2 Pet 3;4?) -> divine nature
10:39:44: 2 Cor 1:20 Yes and Amen IN Christ Jesus
10:40:38: 2. Yielding to the ministry of the Holy Spirit (adjust & assign)
10:41:12: Acts 1 “what Jesus BEGAN”
10:41:26: “Acts 29”
10:42:31: 3. Support and Encouragement (paradox of self-awareness)
10:43:50: Koininiea -> Athleteo
10:44:03: E3 Essentials
10:48:19: After 3 discussion -> then discovery study
10:48:26: Impact Center on Sunday Mornings (Training)
10:48:44: https://2transform.us/dbj/
10:49:34: Potluck: multiple entrees versus one main dish
10:50:51: Even if they didn’t bring much. Make It and share together.
10:51:48: http://www.345mytime.com
10:52:19: 3:45 seconds for an average chapter
10:53:24: http://c4cowboy.blogspot.com/p/god-time.html
10:57:49: Shifting from Information to Obedience (George Patterson)
10:58:25: “If this is true, how would it change your life?”
11:02:12: https://2transform.us/2019/10/08/rsvp-with-god-outcome-driven-quiet-times/

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