DBJ-2021A Welcome Letter


Dear friends,

Thank you to everyone who registered for the “Discipling By Jesus” workshop. We look forward to starting this 7-week journey with you and Jesus at two sessions: 7pm PST Thursday or 10:30 AM PST Friday.

Here’s a few things you should know:

  1. The Goal: Learning and modeling how to Grow All of Us Closer to Jesus (in love, likeness, and living)
  2. The Audience: Our journey will be broadcast live and recorded to inspire others and invite suggestions for improvement. View and share the recordings.
  3. Your Safety: If you come to feel anything you have said should be removed from the recording, let us know.
  4. Your Record: Bring a journal to capture what Jesus shows or tells you when we stop to listen.
  5. Communion: Please bring some morsel of bread and beverage to partake of during our call.
  6. Opening Question: In this first session, each of us will answer (then ask someone else): Tell us your name, and how Jesus led you to share in this journey.
  7. Process Adjustments: We are seeking the Holy Spirit’s guidance through you and other viewers to improve the process. Each session will conclude by capturing your suggestions.
  8. Contact: Both sessions will share the same GroupMe (join here) for mutual encouragement and updates via SMS text, also available as an app (Android Apple) and through your web browser.
  9. Flexibility: If you must miss a session, please let us all know briefly via GroupMe how to rejoice with or pray for you. You may also join the alternate session that week if you like.

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