DBJ Season 2: Call for Hosts


This week is the “Jubilee” recap, ending Season 1 (2021A) of Discipling by Jesus.
Season 2 (2021B) starts the week of April 11th and runs through Pentecost.
Registration will be available soon.

Robby and I are inclined to NOT host any sessions for Season 2, in order to create space for new people to Host. Instead, we are inclined to act as Sponsors to walk alongside new Hosts, who have full autonomy to manage their Sessions as they see fit.

Please let us know ASAP if you are interested!

Host Qualifications

  1. Have been loved by Jesus
  2. Want to learn to love yourself and others that way
  3. Commit to doing that together with others at a specific time slot for the next seven weeks

Host Responsibilities

  1. Choose a Playlist (TROP or LOVE)
  2. Host Communion
  3. Act as first Starter, then choose other Starters
  4. Manage Time/Expectations
  5. Receive Feedback to evolve the Format of your Session (with help from a Sponsor)

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