Playlist DBJ-2021A-TROP: The Redemption of Peter


[Shout out to blog reader Kate for pushing me to publish this early!]

  1. The Calling of Peter: Luke 5:1-11
  2. Walking on the Water: Matthew 14:22-33
  3. Peter Confesses and Rebukes Jesus: Matthew 16:13-28
  4. Mount of Transfiguration: Matthew 17:1-13
  5. Peter Denies Jesus: Luke 22:31-62
  6. Jesus Restores Peter: John 21:1-25

For the inaugural season of Discipling by Jesus (coming Lent 2021), our first “playlist” is six passages from the gospels showing how Jesus discipled Peter.

We will cover one passage per week, with the seventh “Jubilee” week being a review and comissioning.

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