Poem: Imitable Love


“Treat your enemies the way
You want them to treat theirs”

Luke 6:27 (paraphrased)

Saving the world
Is really quit simple
If we learn to be
More imitable

We say we love Jesus
And that may be true
But will we dare
Do what He do?

Jesus loved us
When we were His foes
And died for our sins
(See where this goes?)

The kings of the earth
Must punish the wrong
But Jesus’s band
Must sing a new song

Our only mandate
Is to, like Him, redeem
Each one, no matter
How bad they seem

For they do not know
How deeply they’re loved
The peace that comes from
Being “Father above”d

The only way they
Will know Jesus is real
Is if we make them
Feel what we feel

Maybe this sounds
Too good to be true
Or worse, I am putting
A burden on you

I can’t save the world
With one piece of art
Unless in some way
I give you MY heart

My heart must be broken
As Christ’s was before
For you all to feed on —
And then one thing more:

I pour out my blood
In this cup called a blog
And as you drink from it
Christ’s blood lifts the fog

And you too are seized
By Reality
When you realize
How Jesus loves me

And dare to believe
That’s how He loves you
And take up your cross
And die with me too

So all those you meet
Get swept up in mirth
As imitating Him
Brings heaven to earth

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