Limerick: Loving Enmity


We’d much rather they’d bought the farm
(those Others who do to us harm)
Or at least find a way
To do as we say
Lest they be led off by gendarme!

But what if — between me and you —
We take a contrarian view
Maybe that harm
Is really a charm
God gives us, our souls to renew

What if all the things we hold dear
Prevent our hearts from drawing near
To Him we adore
So what we need more
Is surfacing what we most fear

Do I most love earthly things
Pleasure and comfort, like kings?
Or is my soul’s cry
That I’d gladly die
If Jesus takes me in His wings

If so, then thank God for my foes!
For blessings are hid in their woes
The worst that they do
Just turns me to You
For joy that heaven alone knows

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