Poetry Slam: Pro-Dem-Nation


In a world filled
with condemnation
Could His Bride become
a pro-them-nation?

The tribes of this earth
Sort themselves by their birth
Our chiefs must use shame
To keep us in our lane
Condemnation we use
Lest safety we lose
The Law needs that price
To survive without Christ


If Christ is our Friend
Then death’s not the end
We need not “survive”
For our spirits to thrive
Once we choose the right Star
We will know Whose we are
And the worse this world hates
We rejoice in our fates!


Once we grok our true cross
He makes gain out of loss
We don’t share the world’s fear
For that pain draws us near
To the One we adore
Who gives us so much more
Than their sin takes away
That with Him we can say:

Be still.
It was all
God’s will.

I forgive
All your sin
‘Cause in Christ
I still win!

You’re okay
As you are
I rejoice
In my scar

It makes me
Look like Him
Which is where
Joy begins


The worst this world does
Merely prompts me to grace
For when I’m crowned with thorns
I share Jesus’s face

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