Poem: Status Leaker


1 Corinthians‬ ‭1:27-28‬

We all want power
We all want fame
We all want to choose
How to win the game

We all seek status
We have our pride
If only to shield
What we feel inside

We all fear losing
We all fear shame
We all need love
Yeah, we’re all the same

But Christ has shown us
There’s a better way
Though the price He asks
Is a cross each day

Our soul’s salvation
The path to peace
Means our quest for glory
Must be released

For the road to hell
Is a zero sum
If I seek your losing
Then the devil’s won

If we’re truly loved
There’s enough to share
Why own the mountain
When we can soar the air?

We can use our status
To lift others up
Heal the body broken
With a common cup

So our greatest glory
Is when others win
For the end of Self
Is where Life begins

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