Poem: Harmonizing Gospel


Sober reflections on the recent Supreme Court ruling

What’s taken as good news by one
Another calls evil being done
Whichever way we choose
Someone is sure to be bruised

The Law is a zero-sum game
To win I need someone to blame
I claim to defend God’s glory
But the truth is another story

The Gospel will bear good fruit
Only when we pull up the root
And realize we’re hiding our shame
Through theo-political games

Christ called us to be salt and light
Not judges who tell wrong from right
Yet society need those who stand
Or everything crumbles to sand

The rulers of nations must be
Willing to become Pharisees
Convinced of their own righteousness
Condemning all those they call “less.”

That seems like it’s too high a price
For those of us who follow Christ
Does that mean we’re destined to fail
While sinners and villains prevail?

Or is there an untrodden way
That Jesus called us to obey
Of coming together in Him
That truly destroys all our sin

Can we find that miraculous place
Where all are ruled solely by Grace?
So when someone’s caught in a sin
That’s where their redemption begins

Its hard to imagine just how
To get there from where we are now
But here is the best place to start:
Christ ruling like that, in my heart

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