Poem: Supple-Mental Peace


Today I will hold fast to the cross
And loosely to all else

My mind demands a rigid peace
That makes all disagreement cease
Where every truth can stand alone
As I regard them from my throne

The problem with this glorious view
Is that it has no room for you
For if your truth conflicts with mine
Then on your entrails I must dine

Christ calls us to a better place
Where truths can swim in seas of grace
And every conflict, real or fake
Becomes a cross that I must take

For by His blood I must confess
I dare not trust my own right-ness
The truths that I alone can see
Are but a shallow piece of Thee

A deeper peace is what I need
As oceans flow from where You bleed
Dissolving all my stubborn pride
Exposing where my own lies hide

The higher truth that I must name
Is rigid truths just hide my shame
If I would Thy disciple be
Then I must learn to bend my knee

And find the freedom that ensues
When my only truth is You
If You are my security
Magnanimous I then can be

For though this world be filled with sin
The greater danger lies within
The hardest battle that I face
Is to surrender to Your Grace

Enjoy the peace that gently flows
From a soul that deeply knows
The joy purchased on Calvary:
A mind that’s fixed only on Thee

2 thoughts on “Poem: Supple-Mental Peace

  1. Today I am confronting some hard but accurate feedback from people who care about me. This blog post captures the cross I must bear, and the self I must deny…

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