Precondition for Revival


The main prerequisite
to being Revived
is admitting
we are dead

As long as we think
we are victims to be rescued
or saints to be vindicated
or children to be protected
The Cross holds no answers

once we realize
the depths of our Sin
the folly of our Pride
the lie of our Religion

we no longer place our hope
In Wisdom
In Virtue
In the Law
In our Self

we realize
the only thing
wrong with world
that God can’t fix
without my help
is Me

The Cross
no longer seems
A Curse
A Burden
A Sacrifice
To be avoided

But rather
A promise

That Life
Real Life
Abundant Life
Christ Life
His Life

Is the only thing
I do not have

Is the only thing
I truly need

Is the one thing
worth dying for

And if I give Him
Everything I have

He will give me
Everything He is

And I will have
Will be
Will receive
Will become

More than enough

Roadblocks to Revival

Anne Delke, Kingsway Church

The Life of Joash, 2 Kings 12

  1. Am I in a Survival or Revival mentality right now?
  2. Am I following different people or groups without my own convictions?
  3. Am I neglecting strongholds in my life?
  4. Am I surrendering anything sacred?
  5. Am I ignoring any calls to repentance?

2 thoughts on “Precondition for Revival

  1. idk about this quote

    “As long as we think
    we are victims to be rescued
    or saints to be vindicated
    or children to be protected
    The Cross holds no answers”

    i know a woman, an actual criminal who victimized me and others… she smoked in her home, her children where getting ear, eyes and nose infections – typical of second hand (cancer causing) smoke. When confronting her about it, she said, “God protects my children – … – and won’t let anything happen to them” when i told her that the Bible says tempt not the Lord thy God … she had nothing to say, and was quite comfortable using the same kind of manipulation by using Jesus Christ – as an excuse to victimize and subject her children to second hand smoke… ETC.

    To me, the quote is:
    extremely belittling
    shaming and making people even more hopeless if they fall into that category
    it makes me – and i am certain would make others – feel more worthless and hopeless
    – it is control freakishness – and damning those who “God decided not to help”

    in my experience of Christianity – especially in church – where someone has illness, or disease, or has been victimized in one way or another – and the continuously have physical and or moral injuries which too are psychological – and can also turn into chronic – physical injuries –
    To tell any such people – you don’t have enough faith, your not praying enough, God would not give you more than you can handle (because as i heard a comic say it bet – if God does not give you more than you can handle – why is it then that people end up killing themselves. So again, saying these kind of things is more about manipulating people, by making them feel bad or worse than they already do because they are a victim, and or have illnesses – both for which they have no control over.

    prejudices, control freakishness, and manipulation of people with the Bible should stop.

    it is better that people channel the love that Jesus is, and to love those children etc. who actually are victims
    — maybe that is what the Bible talks about – suffer not the children… it is better to tie a milestone around your neck and throw yourself in the ocean than to harm a child… etc. —
    i am not sure if there are any rebukes about people who abuse adults and – about those who are actually victims and suffer specifically the way there is about children.

    when i was wrongfully imprisoned – many people would tell me – God would not give you more than you can handle – you must not have the faith for God to work his miracles etc. a prison guard told me that god put me in prison for a reason. i was over 10 years waiting for “God” to help me… and now it is 25 years… it is all hogwash. Fact is nobody including Christians give a rats ass – as to a person like me who is victimized and just prejudice me – because i no longer believe in God the way they do. And those who do care – most are scary cats and distant and abandon those they know to be a saint (having love for people – the world – and the earth – even if they cuss.

    so, i don’t believe God works that way. i believe we are to b – and to emulate the love that Jesus is, and to be that love, share that love and to receive that love in the various interactions that we have with others on the journey of life, and so we help and do everything we can in that love. Personally – i hate generalizations and how every bad thing is lumped into the generalizations of it is this and it is not that — and that you can’t be a victim, a saint in need of rescue, or a child to be rescued (even if in fact people are) — makes no sense to me – to say we – they don’t believe well enough to get out of that situation…

    Cheers and a wonderful day – to all who are working to make a better world – for this and next generations including our planet.

    i appreciate the love you showed when i was imprisoned with some tangible help and posts , and even after in mental health support

    & U do with compassion and help to others i am sure – so i know U r at least one who does not just talk

    though i still and always will wish for people who know me to speak up… but i may wait until the dirt collects me with nothing…

    Cheers and Semper Fi – to #Truth4Justice

  2. Dear Kenneth,

    Wow! Thank you so much for that thoughtful, vulnerable, and generous reply.

    I am deeply sorry if anything I said hurt you. As you perhaps can relate, when I write poetry I am mostly thinking of my own internal world, not how those words may impact others.

    I do think I need to reevaluate and clarify my thinking, as well as my writing. I do know you have been deeply, brutally, and unfairly victimized by many persons and systems, and I do not want to minimize or gloss over that.

    Perhaps we can talk later. Thanks again for being willing to share so publicly!
    Love, Ernie

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