The Quantum of Solace


Lord help me to see
Problems as

Instead of the Law
Judging by our Lack
Let me see with Favor
Knowing You have my Back

We were made to Redeem
And to be Redeemed
So what we see as Problems
Are not what they Seem

They are all just Challenges
To see Christ through our Pain
To help others find Glory
As we bear their Shame

For when I forget
My Identity in You
Well, their lack of Peace
It infects me too

I shouldn’t blame them
Should rather give thanks!
The River of grace
Is defined by those banks

Each pain and frustration
Whatever the cause
Only serves as a trigger
To let You heal MY flaws

For when my security
Comes only from You
Then each misadventure
Just reminds me what’s True

That all of this world
It’s joys and it’s cares
Is part of the process
For making us Heirs

I need never fear
What tomorrow may bring
We have already won
I’m a child of the King

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