Dream: Adulting


We are in one of the adult Sunday School classes at Lake Avenue church.
There’s a dozen or so people.
My parents may be there too.

The meeting is just getting started.
We are gathering around a medium-sized table in a too-large room.
There may be some chairs and sofas we are pulling up.

A young lady I know enters, with her parents.
Becca, Kate, Kara; something like that.
Tall, thin, blonde.

I am excited she may be joining us.
She was part of the college program, so she may be old enough now.

Before we get started, I say:
So, do we get to welcome you to adulthood, or are you just passing through?

She has an unusually long thin nose.
She answers brightly: Oh, I am just so happy to be here and to become an adult.

Her nose starts growing like Pinocchio.
Imperceptibly at first, then accelerating until it is a yard long!

I figure it must be some sort of trick nose, like from a novelty store.

Then I wake up.

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