Song: That’s Grace


Part 2 of the Guilt-Grace-Gratitude musical trilogy, from my 1996 meditations on The Grace Cycle.

That’s Grace

Copyright ª 1996 Ernest N. Prabhakar, 9/28/96


Oh I was wandering in confusion, a victim of my past

   B7 A F#m B7

Ashamed of all my failures, I knew I couldn’t last

E F#m

When a hand reached out and showed me how

   G#m A

my life could be set free

E F#m

Though I’d been wrong, I still belonged,

G#m B7

Somebody did love me.

   E E B7 A E

And that’s grace… Oo-ooh, that’s grace

A couple in a garden, fruit from forbidden tree

A crime that cursed the nations, a curse that touches me

Then a man comes ’round to my home town

and says we’ve been set free

Yes, God came down, laid His life down,

for sinners just like me.

And that’s grace… Oo-ooh, that’s grace

A F#m E E7

Now grace is not pretending, or saying what ain’t so

   A F#m E B7

It goes beyond forgiveness; it’s where I long to go

   E Esus7

Where God gives me, just what I need

   A E

and not what I deserve

E Esus7

He helps me mend, so at the end,

   A B7

I am prepared to serve

   E E B7 A E

And give grace… Oo-ooh, to give grace.

A B7 E E7

Oh, don’t you know we all need grace.

A B7 E E7

Oh, Lord, I pray we would find grace.

A B7 A E

Oh, Jesus, help us see your face.

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