Song: From Guilt to Grace


The following song is a lyrical version of “Graphical Theology: The Grace Cycle“, part of my burst of artistic exploration in 1996. It was the first element of a trilogy on the Reformation themes of Guilt-GraceGratitude, but unlike the other two I never was happy enough with it to put it to music.

The Cycle of Grace

Copyright 1996 Ernest N. Prabhakar, Ph. D.


It’s a cycle of grace, its a cycle of life
That frees of from sin, that frees us from strife
Its a cycle of joy, come down from above
Its a cycle of love

Verse 1

Paradise lost, through sins deadly game
Left all alone to battle the shame
New hope is born in water and blood
Bringing us back to dwell in his love

Verse 2

Fellowship torn through weakness or hate
Bitterness’ chains seal memory’s gate
Free to forgive and face up to wrong
Bringing us back to where we belong

Verse 3

I once was alone condemned on the run
For what I’d endured, for what I’d become
Love come along and died in my place
Filling my holes with rivers of grace

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