Graphical Theology: The Grace Cycle


As a follow-on to “Grace in the Gap“, I’ve cleaned up and reposted another Graphic Theology piece known as “The Grace Cycle.”
The Grace Cycle attempts to capture the idea that there is a single dynamic — represented by three inter-woven rings — which drives the main processes of the Christian life:* salvation* community* ministry* maturity

Click [Read more] to see a thumbnail, and instructions on how to “build-your-own.”

1. Download the PDF document.
2. Print it out on sturdy cardboard (or cloth, if quilting).
3. Cut out each of the three pieces. Be sure to include a margin containing the lettered tabs.
4. Attach the top and bottom rings to the center rectangle at ‘B’ and ‘b’, respectively.
5. Partially curl the center rectangle, similarly attaching A/a and C/c.
6. Carefully attach and fold-in the ends of the rectangle, forming a can-sized cylinder.
7. The results may be distributed freely provided the copyright notice is preserved.