2/25 Limericks: Jesus Resolution


[A clearer but harder path forward]

In Loving Memory of Lonnie Frisbee

When I want revival to flower
My instinct is to come with power
Reveal hidden truth
To lonely lost youth
So on them God’s blessings I shower

This desperate need to be used
Can easily make me confused
God wants my whole heart
Not just the part
That gets other people enthused

The truth that will set us all free
Is finding how deep You love me
It’s not thirst for fame
But knowing YOUR name
That You are most longing to see

Lord, send us revival again
But first teach us a new refrain
The wineskin we need
Is on YOU to feed
By sharing — not hiding — our pain

Today I will feed on Christ
Instead of feeding my insecurity

Inspired by not just the movie, but a dream about attending an Apple conference. A small group studied Acts in order to sell with “deep relational insight” versus “overwhelming power.”

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