Broken Words: Lament of the Spiritual Entrepreneur


C Am C Am / F G7 / (C)

Broken words and broken hearts, Broken lies keep us apart
How can we speak a truth we’ve never heard?
Broken words inside my heart, They are tearing me apart
How can we save the world with broken words?
Broken Words

Verse 1

You promised me new life, Endless joy, no more strife
I trusted you, my heart flew like a bird
But my dream was born to die, All your goodness just a lie
When I needed you the most you broke your word

Broken words that break my heart, Broken lies drive us apart
A mockery of all that I endured
O you promised a new name, All you had to give was shame
How can you build a world on broken words?
Broken Words

Verse 2

To all in pain and fear, How I long to draw you near
Shine a light, the world has not observed
Still the darkness clogs my veins, Doubt and rage consume my brain,
With nothing left to share but broken words

Broken words bounce off your heart, Like a lifeline frayed apart
A memory, of hope too long deferred
Precious truths inside my head, Sound like curses when they’re said
How can I save the world with broken words?
Broken Words

Verse 3

Then one day Word made flesh, Came to earth, a baby’s crèche
Lived a life the world still finds absurd
Climbed a hill that shares my name, Bore a cross to steal my shame
To set us free you broke your living Word

Broken Word upon that cross, Your broken Word it feels my loss
Paid the debt, my folly had incurred
Your broken Word it pierced my heart, Lies could not keep us apart
You kept your promise when you broke your Word
You broke your Word

Verse 4

Join me on the narrow way, Wounded souls come to obey
What no eye has seen nor ear has heard
Break the body drink the blood, Won’t you be a fool for love?
The world is dying for our broken words

Broken words come from our heart, Broken words are where we start
Receive the grace that freely out was poured
Living water from our side, Only flows from those who’ve died
Nothing can save the world but broken words
Our broken words…

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