2/26 Poetry Slam: Pain Free Heart Break 💔 ❤️‍🩹


I need a heart break
Like a jail break
So my mistake
Becomes a head fake

All this heart pain
Needs a new drain
So that I gain
A true Christ brain

You know this world’s woes
Keeps me on toes
I need new clothes
So I can repose

Get me headgear
So that I hear
You’re always near near
Whenever I veer

I wanna chest plate
Bound with your fate
So each check mate
Becomes a pearl gate

Gimme a truth belt
So all that I felt
Makes my heart melt
No matter what dealt

Put on peace shoes
So that I choose
To let my life lose
As one of your crews

I got a faith shield
Helps me Christ-yield
On the battlefield
To see my foes healed

I’ll make sword lunge
So we expunge
The deadly lie sponge
Of Satan’s hell plunge

The Way ain’t pain free
But that don’t faze me
‘Cause hung on His tree
Heartbreak is victory

Today I will sing my heart break
Til every curse is broken

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