Poem: The Grace Response


How we respond
When we feel pain
Tells us what
We hope to gain

Who is the god
That we adore
From whom we want
Just one thing more?

Is it the god
Of knowledge true
That shows me how
To outwit you?

Or do I seek
The joy divine
Hoping pleasure
Will be mine?

Maybe I worship
At my work
To hide away
When problems lurk

Perhaps I must
Be in control
So I’m the god
Who saves my soul

The one I choose
As deity
Reveals what I
Think lacks in me

But if instead
I must be new
Then my only
Hope is You

For all those gods
Just feed my flesh
I need a chance
To start afresh

To live a life
Not bound by fear
But filled with hope
Of drawing near

Unto the One
Who knows that I
Am of great worth
Yet still must die

To all the gods
The defined me
So I become
Most truly free

And find the truth
Behind the pain
What I must lose
To heaven, gain

That if with Christ
The cross I share
I will know joy
Beyond compare

That labors not
This world to bind
But serves it with
True peace of mind

Because I know
To win the race
All that I need
Is Jesus face

Prayer of Commitment

Today I will become
Whatever God needs
To bring heaven
To my world

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