Poem: Belong vs Beshort vs Betall


The first way
We go wrong
Is to try
To Belong

This world
And it’s sin
Is the place
We begin

If in Christ
We’d be free
From its snares
We must flee

But the next
Trap we face
Is to judge
Without grace

We “Beshort”
With our foes
Who despise
What we chose

We escape
This world’s sin
But get snared
By that within

We must learn
To “Betall”
Like the Savior
Of us all

Lifting up
His graciousness
Not our own

Be the shade
From Law’s harsh glare
For we also
Would die there

Showing mercy
Towards the weak
Bringing peace
When e’er we speak

Taking up
Our cross each day
Bear the pain
That others say

For if we lose
Our Self in Him
Then this world
Is ours to win

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