6/12 RSVP: Un-Binding Pharisees


Ananias versus Saul

Saul the Pharisee
Was given Authority
By the Law
To bind the Saints

Ananias the Saint
Was given Authority
By the Spirit
To un-bind Saul

The Law
Can only condemn
And kill

The Spirit
Will only convict
And free

It is easy
To identify
To despise
To fear

Much harder
To redeem one

Much harder
To recognize
We might be one

When we recognize
We are using the Law
To condemn Pharisees
Will we realize
That We are Them
And They are Us

In redeeming Saul
Was God able
To open the eyes
Of Ananias

When we forgive
The wrongdoers
We secretly envy
For their earthly power
And self-righteous pride
Can we be free enough
To free Them

Free enough
To see Jesus

Free enough
To be Jesus
To a world
Of Pharisees
To meet Him

Just like

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