Requiem for The Flesh


Our flesh is the shame
God built into our genes
To help us survive
Without Him

It makes us think
We love our neighbor
When really we want
To ease our discomfort

It goads us to work
To fight
To serve
To keep our community

It traps us in cycles
Of consumption
Just to purchase
A little relief

And it works
Up to a point

Then we must either
Push shame outwards
So others hate us
Or turn it inwards
So we hate ourselves

We call it
Sacrificial service
We call it
Standing for truth
We call it
Harmless entertainment
But really they are
Just another way
To avoid facing
Our shame

There is
A third option

But our flesh
Won’t let us see it

Because the same instincts
Shame uses
To save our lives
From dying
It uses
To save itself
From the cross

That is the self
We must deny
That is the flesh
We must crucify

This is
What it means
To follow Jesus
As His disciple

This is how
What our flesh takes
As a heavy cross
Our spirit receives
As an easy yoke

This is
The only way
To bear Fruit
Of the Spirit

This is
The only way
To be set free
In a way
That sets others free

Is Life

With Him
With each Other
With our Self
Forever and ever


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