We are deceived
By our Self
Because we are deceived
About our Self

We can’t know who we are
Until we know whose we are

The Voices in our heads
They define us
Drive us
Divine us
Destroy us

We can’t live
Without them
We can’t live
By them

We must learn
How to live
Alongside them

We must not
Simply obey them
But rather
Confront them
Identify them
Accept them
Embrace them
Understand them
Challenge them
Redeem them

Evangelize them

We must help them
See Jesus
But first
We must
See them

When we see them
Face to face
Do we realize
They have been whispering
In our ears
This whole time

They are
Inside us
They are
Not us

They always have something
Urgent to tell us
They always have something
Important to teach us

But those
Are usually
Two different things

The urgent
Call to act
Often conceals
An important
Cry for help

We must hold those Voices
At arm’s length
(Like a toddler)
Despite their screaming

Until we can see
The lie
Behind the Voice
The pain
Behind the lie
The truth
Behind the pain

Feels harder than hell
And might even be
The same thing

Is what it feels like
To deny Self
Take up our cross
And follow Jesus

Many of us
Have done this once
But Jesus
Wants us to do this
Every day

Which is impossible

We see Jesus
Behind the truth
Behind the pain
Behind the lie
Behind the voice

And have become
So empty
That we become
So hungry
For Jesus

That we are willing
To walk through hell
To walk through our heart
To walk past our False Self

In order to
Find Him
Find our True Self
Find our True Voice

Find out
That the heavy cross
We once feared
Becomes the easy yoke
We always craved

As we identify
with the Voices
We denied

As we deny
the Voices
We identified with

Will we hear
His Voice
Calling us
To Him
Calling us
To our Selves
Calling us
To each Other
Calling us

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