DBJ “SCAR” Edition


A more deliberately introspective version the Spirit section (between Word and Body, as in IGWET). Inspired by DBJ “AGONY” Edition.

  • Select a word, phrase, or image from the passage that you emotionally resonated with or reacted to
  • Choose words from the “I” chart below (or make up your own) to describe those feelings
  • Ask Jesus which present situation or past experience may have triggered those feelings
  • Reflect on what grace it would take to glorify Christ through that situation

The “I feel” Chart

  • Anger | Joy | Disgust
  • Expectancy | Trust | Wonder
  • Fear | Grief | Shame

Mnemonic: AJ DiETs With FiGS

Nine Emotional Buckets

  1. ANGER rage annoyance
  2. FEAR terror anxiety
  3. JOY ecstasy gladness
  4. GRIEF despair sadness
  5. DISGUST horror repulsed
  6. SHAME devastated abashed
  7. EXPECTANCY anticipation readiness
  8. WONDER surprise curiosity
  9. TRUST peace contentment

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