DBJ-MOGA: Moses Overcomes God’s Anger (Exodus 32)


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At 2-4pm on Sunday, July 18th we will ask Jesus to disciple us through one of the most confusing and disturbing passages in all of Scripture, at least to me: Exodus 32, where Moses apparently talks God out of destroying His people.

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Sunday, July 18th, 2021

Moses does two things that seem like very bad ideas: He does the opposite if what God tells him to do, and then dares God to “blot him out” of His book. Yet bizarrely, this comes across as Moses loving His people — and being concerned for God’s glory — more than God Himself!

I have heard many more-or-less plausible explanations for this over the years, but somehow it still doesn’t sit well with my soul. However, at least part of that may be because I cringe at the idea of having to love other people that much.

Even though that is exactly how Jesus loved us. And told us to love each other.

I would welcome your assistance as we process our thoughts and feelings together by meditating on this passage via Discipling by Jesus. Tickets to the Zoom call are $10 (for you and a guest), and the sessions will also be broadcast live and posted on YouTube later.

Hope to see you there!

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