DBJ-ECC3: Peer Reflective Wisdom Practice


This Wednesday (June 30, 2021) I invite you to join me in encountering God’s wisdom in Ecclesiastes 3, as part of the Bay Area Summer Peer Mentoring group for the Octet Collaborative.

We will be using a heart-centered “reflective practice,” as opposed to the mind-centered “discursive practice” I used in bible studies at MIT. The goal is to create space for our spirits to receive grace from Jesus through His Word and His Body, which I have become convinced is the key to bearing lasting fruit.

Please bring paper & pen, as each section includes time for silent reflection and journaling before we share. The Sections are:

  1. Peer Interviews
    1. Name
    2. MIT Year, Course & Housing
    3. Family/living situation
    1. Current job
    2. Faith Journey
    3. Why you are here tonight
  2. The Word (Ecclesiastes 3)
    1. V1-8
    2. V9-15
    3. V16-22
    4. Share a Question to Ponder
  3. The Body (Listen/Repeat/Pray)
    1. Where do you need grace from Jesus to live out His wisdom?
  4. Moving Forward
    1. What do you want to remember from today’s practice?
    2. When and where should we meet next?

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